Why Employee Engagement Should Start During the Recruiting Process

It’s no secret that an engaged workforce is classically more productive, which is why engagement is on the radar of nearly every company. However, the emphasis on engagement is typically on an organization’s existing workforce. While ensuring current employees are focused and invested is certainly essential, employee engagement should start as early as possible, ideally during the recruitment process.

When candidates are engaged from the moment they interact with a prospective employer, that feeling essentially sets the tone. They’ll carry that feeling forward as they move through recruitment, and it will have a positive impact as they begin working in a role when they’re hired.

Ultimately, that just scratches the surface of why employee engagement is critical during the recruiting process. Here’s a closer look at the benefits it provides.

Benefits of Employee Engagement During the Recruitment Process

Invested Candidates

When candidates are highly engaged, they’re typically much more invested in the recruitment process. Often, they’ll be enthusiastic while moving through the various steps, and they may remain interested even if there are unexpected delays. Essentially, when engagement is part of the equation, loyalty starts building quickly. As a result, it’s often easier to connect with top talent and keep them involved, making high-quality candidates far more accessible to the organization.

Plus, engaged candidates often speak more highly of their experience, regardless of whether they’re selected. While building engagement, companies have to treat job seekers with respect, and that leaves them feeling valued. In turn, the company’s employer brand is elevated, and that can make recruitment easier in the future.

Improved Onboarding Outcomes

In many cases, parts of the onboarding process are inherently tedious. Completing documents and reviewing employee handbooks aren’t usually the most exciting activities, but engaged candidates handle those moments with greater ease.

When employee engagement is part of the equation, candidates have an easier time remaining focused throughout onboarding. Essentially, they understand that it’s a critical part of the process and believe that the result makes it all worthwhile. Since that’s the case, they’ll be happy to do what’s necessary to move forward.

Plus, when candidates are engaged, their knowledge retention is higher. That means they’ll absorb more of the information they take in, ensuring they’re well-prepared for the journey ahead.

Reduced Turnover

New hire turnover is particularly problematic when it occurs, but it’s possible to dramatically reduce the odds of it happening by focusing on candidate and new hire engagement. In most cases, keeping new hires engaged is relatively straightforward. By personalizing the onboarding experience and ensuring they’re well-supported as they move through the recruitment process, they’ll feel more confident in their decision to join the company. As a result, loyalty begins to build, leading to significantly less turnover.

Do You Need an Engaging Onboarding Process?

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