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Xenqu is like adding the world’s best HR assistant to your team.

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Onboarding is the first step for your new hires and sets the stage for their employment. However, much of the work on your side of the desk is manual, tedious, and paper-based. With Essium’s Xenqu digital onboarding solution, you can reduce those manual and mundane tasks, automate paperwork, reduce errors and keep new hires engaged. Xenqu is like adding the world’s best HR assistant to your team, improving accuracy and efficiency while keeping you free to focus on strategic tasks and ultimately saving you time and money.

How Does Essium Help You Save Time and Money?

With Essium’s digital onboarding solution, you provide employees with a way to complete their paperwork and onboarding tasks from their own computer or mobile device.

Xenqu integrates with your existing HR software, eliminating the need to manually enter data between multiple decentralized systems, saving you precious time.

Xenqu helps you reduce the chance for errors in your paperwork by eliminating the need to continually re-enter the same information across different systems and improving visibility over the entire process.

Xenqu automatically updates and keeps you ahead of changing HR, compliance, and regulatory requirements, which can be time-consuming to research on your own.

Because Xenqu integrates with your existing technology, it helps you get more from the systems you’ve already invested in.

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