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Your Candidate Experience Matters

A poor onboarding experience will lead to turnover.​ If you’ve ever had candidates ghost you after their initial onboarding experience, it’s time to make some changes. The first few minutes and hours an employee spends with your company sets the tone for the way they feel about working for you.

Xenqu from Essium helps you streamline the candidate experience. Leveraging a user-friendly platform that can be accessed from any device, candidates get the customized experience you need them to have delivered in a way that makes them enjoy the process.

How Can Xenqu Help You Retain More Employees?

  • Customized onboarding materials accessible on-demand

  • Deliver engaging multimedia content

  • Send out texts and emails quickly

  • Provide a user-friendly experience with one-click logins

  • Avoid extra steps with prefilled form fields

  • Scan documents directly from a phone

Set Yourself Apart For All The Right Reasons

Creating a positive candidate experience with Xenqu’s digital onboarding platform will help you retain more employees and beat your competition for the best talent in the market. Talk to Essium about the ways we can help you instantly transform your candidate and onboarding experiences.

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