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Your candidate experience matters

A poor onboarding experience will lead to turnover.​ If you’ve ever had candidates ghost you after their initial onboarding experience, it’s time to make some changes. The first few minutes and hours an employee spends with your company sets the tone for the way they feel about working for you.

Xenqu from Essium helps you streamline the candidate experience. Leveraging a user-friendly platform that can be accessed from any device, candidates get the customized experience you need them to have delivered in a way that makes them enjoy the process.

How XENQU Improves Reporting

Why Adopt Automation?

Automation helps you save time while improving accuracy and compliance. Virtually any task you do manually today can be automated in Xenqu:

The best part? Xenqu can “learn” over time. Essium maintains a catalog of behaviors that automate common onboarding tasks. Using our built-in programming language, Lyon, we can create virtually anything you need to help improve your processes.


Creating a positive candidate experience with Xenqu’s digital onboarding platform will help you retain more employees and beat your competition for the best talent in the market. Talk to Essium about the ways we can help you instantly transform your candidate and onboarding experiences.


Take a few moments to see how Essium can help you accelerate onboarding while improving the candidate and new hire experience.

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MedPro Healthcare Staffing
We have been very happy with Essium! The Essium team has been great. When we have asked for something unforeseen the response has always been, ‘Hey, no problem.’ The Essium team is super flexible and a pleasure to work with; we are looking forward to a long relationship.


Fred Jeffrey, CIO, MedPro

We have gained efficiency across the board, the integrations within Xenqu have created so much automation, and in return, it has dramatically reduced our administrative workload.


Deborah Levine, Senior Director of Administrative Operations, MADICORP

I-9 compliance is a big risk for our business, and the software is one of the few on the market that mirrors the I-9 form exactly and adheres to E-Verify requirements.


Tracie Tyte, Sr. Operations Manager, Akkodis

Queen Consulting Group
Our experience with Essium and the Xenqu platform has been stellar from day one. The team is there to help every step of the way – from a seamless implementation to the “hyper support” phase after go-live to the ongoing customer service – they go above and beyond! The ease of onboarding is head and shoulders above any platform we used previously, increasing efficiency for my Operations Team and really making us shine where it counts: with our employees.

Queen Consulting Group

Melissa Hunter, Director of Operations, Queen Consulting Group