Why the Onboarding Experience Matters for Retention: A Data-Driven Analysis

Most staffing firms understand that the onboarding experience has a dramatic impact on new hires. With a robust onboarding program, incoming employees typically reach full productivity faster. Additionally, they’re often more comfortable in their roles and environments, which benefits the candidate and client company alike.

However, some recruitment agencies overlook the impact of the onboarding experience on retention. When done properly, onboarding programs can increase longevity, improve morale, and generate long-term loyalty, leading to far less turnover.

Research shows that a strong onboarding program can boost retention by 82 percent. Here’s a closer look at why the onboarding experience matters for retention.

Creates Opportunities to Build Connections

When a new hire feels welcome and supported, they assimilate more quickly into the environment. Often, opportunities to build meaningful connections with company leaders and colleagues play a significant role in that equation.

Overall, 33 percent of successful onboarding programs have a social component. Additionally, 66 percent provide new hires with access to mentors or formal coaching. The reason they make a difference is that the connections created lead to additional support. Plus, it can make new hires feel at home, as they have social relationships that provide value and meaning beyond what their role alone offers.

Through onboarding, companies can also ensure that incoming employees feel a connection to the organization itself. When time is taken to explain how their role helps the company achieve specific goals, support the community, and assist colleagues, it makes the work far more meaningful. Along with generally boosting engagement, it helps new hires connect with the organization on a deeper level. In turn, retention typically improves.

Builds Critical Skills and Hones Knowledge

Even if a new hire has experience related to their new role, there are often nuances they’ll need to navigate as they adapt to their new company. Through a comprehensive onboarding program, employers can shorten the incoming employee’s journey to full productivity by helping them build critical skills and hone knowledge that makes adjusting to the position easier.

By doing so, companies are creating conditions that can boost retention. New capabilities and understandings cause new hires to feel more confident in their position. Plus, when they’re not left to their own devices, many incoming employees interpret these efforts as signs that they’re valued by the organization. Together, these create a greater sense of loyalty, lead to higher morale, and leave new hires feeling supported, and that all leads to retention improvements.

Ultimately, the onboarding experience typically impacts retention in a dramatic fashion. As a result, investing in comprehensive onboarding is worthwhile.

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