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Onboarding, Credentialing And Documentation Made Easy

When it comes to working with healthcare staffing agencies, one of the biggest complaints that candidates have is paperwork. If you are still using manual paper-based processes, you cost your team and your talent a great deal of time – and the longer your onboarding process takes, the greater the chances you could lose a talented candidate to a competitor.

Xenqu from Essium is designed to help you streamline the complex process of onboarding and credentialing healthcare candidates. With Xenqu, you can turn manual processes into automated processes, collect documentation electronically, improve compliance and transform your candidate experience.

How We Help Improve Your Processes

  • Document merging technology generates even complex offer letters and agreements
  • Route different approvals/signatures to clients, suppliers, and recruiters
  • Create custom notifications, set reminders, and expire unsigned offers

  • Configure different requirements by client, job, and location
  • Automatically identify deficiencies and request remediation
  • Define rules for new hires, rehires, and redeployments

  • Fully compliant for electronic Form I-9
  • Automated remote agent nomination, approval, and assignment
  • Native E-Verify integration with built-in TNC resolution tracking
  • Expiring document tracking for required Section 3 recertifications

  • Allow automation to select form and postings based on worksite and residence
  • All content is reviewed and updated quarterly
  • Search our libraries to manually add special exemption forms as needed

  • Manage third-party and internal screening processes in one central location
  • Configure requirements by client, job, and location to ensure compliance
  • Library of authorizations, candidate profile forms, and results-capture items

  • Track TB screening, immunization records and declinations, and any other health screening requirement
  • Configure rules by client, job, and location
  • Set maximum age before start date to assure compliance across all assignments
  • Use our library of content or swap in client/MSP versions as necessary

  • Add existing SCORM, static, and video content
  • Require completion and record time spent reviewing
  • Build lists of questions with randomized multiple-choice answers
  • Set time limits and minimum scores on each test

  • Configure any item to expire based on dates collected in the file
  • Leverage preconfigured rules for common onboarding documents
  • Define notification alerts at specific intervals via email or text
  • Connect scheduling tools to manage eligibility based on expiring documents
  • Employees can quickly upload new documentation via their mobile portal

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