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Meet the team behind one of the leading digital employee onboarding software companies in the industry.

The Essium team works best when they are working together

Meet The Essium Team

The Essium team works best when they are working together, creating comprehensive HR solutions for our clients. Not only do they bring technical expertise, but they also bring decades of HR & staffing experience to our clients.

Essium has a team of highly experienced and dedicated analysts and HR automation software consultants who have perfected the process of drilling down into the core of HR challenges and create solutions for managing administrative tasks, enhancing the user’s experience, reducing risk exposure, and maximizing cost savings. Trust your business to one of the most effective onboarding software consulting companies in the industry.

Marisa Schober, PMP

VP of Product Development

Michelle McCauley

VP of Customer Experience

David LaMontagne

Director of Security and Compliance

Joel Olson

Director of Core Technology

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