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Electronic forms streamline your processes, improve compliance, and remove administrative burden from your team.

Everything Electronic

Essium creates and maintains all federal, state and local forms and notices required during the new hire process. Electronic signatures, encrypted data technology, and E-Verify further streamline the process of complying with U.S. work authorization, workplace safety, and security requirements. In addition, Xenqu can house any type of proprietary content that your organization requires for onboarding and compliance.

Electronic Forms

Go paperless and manage every internal document and all required forms in Xenqu. All data is retained in a secure database and always available when you need it. Electronic signatures and E-Verify are built-in features that make onboarding easy and efficient. Xenqu’s electronic forms also help our clients make the statement of being a tech-savvy and environmentally responsible employer.

Design Your Own Forms

Essuim takes the stress out of new hire forms, but you also retain a great deal of control. Our form designer features give you freedom and flexibility to:

  • Transform static documents, like PDFs, into editable forms for collecting data and signatures
  • Enable mail-merge capabilities for agreements
  • No third-party signature software required
  • Access a large library of standard forms used in onboarding
  • Utilize point-and-click form creation using our large catalog of predefined fields
  • Develop complex validation and calculations with ease, thanks to built-in tools

Stay Organized

Our administrative dashboard provides instant notification of changes in status, enabling quick navigation between records. Easily track progress and detect individuals not completing tasks in a timely manner. Allow your HR team to pull full reports from any live field, form or record in minutes.


Every unique reporting field in Xenqu is searchable and auditable, making this system one of the smartest HR reporting technologies available today. Reporting can be done at the field, form or record level through a custom dashboard. The reporting system also allows for easy and efficient import and export of data.

Stay Secure

Xenqu brings peace of mind to users who enter and transmit information to and from our system. All information is stored using industry-standard security methods, and as an extra layer of security, all stored files are encrypted. Accounts are secured with strong passwords, multifactor authentication, and access controls. These security measures also create a high level of confidentiality, ensuring that workers cannot see the information from any other worker’s file. Only pre-authorized staff can access employee records and a timestamp records file activity within the system for full transparency.

Simple, Efficient I-9 Features

Xenqu is a solution-based platform containing smart technology that ensures accuracy, security, and compliance at all times. It makes the I-9 process simple and efficient by offering automated features, electronic signatures, and E-Verify. The Xenqu system allows the worker to electronically complete the I-9 Form, utilize the electronic signature feature, and push all information to subsequent forms that are transmitted to the E-Verify system to begin the verification process.

Remote Employee Paperwork

If a worker is in a different location from your administrative staff, this can create a challenge for the organization. To remain compliant, businesses need to personally review identification pieces, which means this process cannot remain completely in the digital realm.


Xenqu provides an interface to ease the management and tracking of these in-person exchanges. Whether proof documentation is reviewed by HR staff in remote offices, designated networks of reviewers, or by representatives appointed specifically for that worker, automated processes in the Xenqu system ensure integrity and consistency.

Compliance Today And Tomorrow

In addition to making sure data is collected and stored completely and securely, the Xenqu system also ensures that all completed onboarding documentation is stored for use in future reporting and auditing. Xenqu acts as a chain of custody for every worker entered into the system and establishes specific automated tasks, defines and tracks timelines, and collates every event into a simple, easy-to-follow dashboard.


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MedPro Healthcare Staffing
We have been very happy with Essium! The Essium team has been great. When we have asked for something unforeseen the response has always been, ‘Hey, no problem.’ The Essium team is super flexible and a pleasure to work with; we are looking forward to a long relationship.


Fred Jeffrey, CIO, MedPro

We have gained efficiency across the board, the integrations within Xenqu have created so much automation, and in return, it has dramatically reduced our administrative workload.


Deborah Levine, Senior Director of Administrative Operations, MADICORP

I-9 compliance is a big risk for our business, and the software is one of the few on the market that mirrors the I-9 form exactly and adheres to E-Verify requirements.


Tracie Tyte, Sr. Operations Manager, Akkodis

Queen Consulting Group
Our experience with Essium and the Xenqu platform has been stellar from day one. The team is there to help every step of the way – from a seamless implementation to the “hyper support” phase after go-live to the ongoing customer service – they go above and beyond! The ease of onboarding is head and shoulders above any platform we used previously, increasing efficiency for my Operations Team and really making us shine where it counts: with our employees.

Queen Consulting Group

Melissa Hunter, Director of Operations, Queen Consulting Group