Fast Onboarding

Free yourself and your team from burdensome administrative tasks.

Spend more time on your core strategic tasks

Paperwork And Compliance Weighing You Down?

While we can’t eliminate the need for paperwork and documentation, Essium can provide you with a lower-touch experience that removes burdensome tasks from your plate.

Through paperless onboarding, automation, real-time reporting and smart communication tools, you can spend less time shuffling paperwork and stressing about compliance, and more time on your core strategic tasks.

How Can Essium Help?

  • Fast onboarding packet set up and delivery

  • Rule-based automated record creation

  • No double entry with end-to-end integrations

  • Automated expiration monitoring and notification

  • Intelligent record validation for rehires and redeployments

  • Seamless integration with your existing HR tools

Free Yourself And Your Staff

Xenqu helps you save time, eliminate mundane tasks, and improve accuracy by delivering low-touch administration solutions. Free yourself and your team to focus on recruiting and other strategic initiatives with onboarding and HR technology from Essium.

Streamline Your Processes Today

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