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With Essium’s onboarding software, Xenqu, the process of completing onboarding requirements becomes frictionless. From automated compliant I-9s to built-in communications tools, Xenqu streamlines the process from start to finish reducing drop-off and saving on cost.

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With Xenqu’s intelligent bots, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your data audits are continuously being monitored for compliance. Our bots keep a watchful eye on your credentials and promptly notify you in the event of any lapses.

More Ways Xenqu Helps Workers and Recruiters Clear Hurdles

Specific Solutions for All Staffing Needs

Healthcare staffing

Xenqu helps you stay compliant with healthcare regulations by providing state-specific forms, job-specific workflows, and credential expiration notifications.

Technical staffing

Xenqu automates manual processes, improves compliance, and provides a better experience for candidates by eliminating repetitive data entry.

Commercial staffing

Xenqu integrates with your existing systems, streamlining paperwork, minimizing compliance risk, and keeping employees engaged.

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In this short, 7-minute overview, you can see how Essium’s Xenqu software can streamline your onboarding process from start to finish. Discover how our automated I-9s and built-in communications tools reduce drop-off, save on costs, and make completing onboarding requirements a breeze.

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Testimonials from Xenqu Victors

MedPro Healthcare Staffing
We have been very happy with Essium! The Essium team has been great. When we have asked for something unforeseen the response has always been, ‘Hey, no problem.’ The Essium team is super flexible and a pleasure to work with; we are looking forward to a long relationship.


Fred Jeffrey, CIO, MedPro

We have gained efficiency across the board, the integrations within Xenqu have created so much automation, and in return, it has dramatically reduced our administrative workload.


Deborah Levine, Senior Director of Administrative Operations, MADICORP

I-9 compliance is a big risk for our business, and the software is one of the few on the market that mirrors the I-9 form exactly and adheres to E-Verify requirements.


Tracie Tyte, Sr. Operations Manager, Akkodis

Our experience with Essium and the Xenqu platform has been stellar from day one. The team is there to help every step of the way – from a seamless implementation to the “hyper support” phase after go-live to the ongoing customer service – they go above and beyond! The ease of onboarding is head and shoulders above any platform we used previously, increasing efficiency for my Operations Team and really making us shine where it counts: with our employees.

Talent Groups

Melissa Hunter, Director of Operations, Talent Groups

Clear the Path to Career Success

Unleash the power of Xenqu with a personalized no-obligation demo tailored to address the unique pain points of your staffing organization. Sign up for a free demo today, and see how we can help you streamline your processes, minimize errors, and set your team up for success from day one.


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