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Save time and money by drastically reducing the time it takes to deal with paperwork and improve compliance.

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Essium develops onboarding software for staffing companies to automate their hiring processes, create great candidate experiences, and remain compliant.

Save time and money while improving compliance

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Can you really save time and money while getting more done? With Essium, you can.
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Get more from your onboarding software with Essium’s innovative technology solutions designed specifically for solving the most difficult onboarding challenges.

Modern Onboarding Made Easy

Don’t lose top candidates to cumbersome and confusing onboarding processes. Create an easy-to-use, step-by-step process to walk new hires through your onboarding requirements.

Get More From Your HR Tech

You’ve invested a lot in your ATS and back-office systems. Essium’s technology integrates with your current tech to help you reduce redundancies, improve accuracy and compliance, and get more from your existing investments.

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