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Xenqu’s automation simplifies workflow management processes

Get Yourself A Smart Assistant

Have you or any member of your HR team wished they could clone themselves? Manually maintaining employment records, running audit-ready reports and verifying data are some of the most time-consuming and tedious tasks for HR administrators.

Xenqu’s onboarding automation tools solve this problem, giving your team single-click solutions to produce information quickly. Xenqu also contains smart technology “intelligent bots” that perform continuous data audits, ensuring constant compliance with labor and employment regulations. The same technology creates compliance tasks, signaling when deadlines are approaching.

Xenqu’s automation simplifies workflow management processes, creating a high level of accuracy and productivity in all areas of workforce management.

Why Adopt Automation?

Automation helps you save time while improving accuracy and compliance. Virtually any task you do manually today can be automated in Xenqu:
The best part? Xenqu can “learn” over time. Essium maintains a catalog of behaviors that automate common onboarding tasks. Using our built-in programming language, Lyon, we can create virtually anything you need to help improve your processes.

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