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Streamline processes and improve accuracy and compliance.

An Efficient, Seamless Transition To A Single-Platform Solution

Essium understands that adopting a new software platform can come with challenges, which is why Xenqu is built to integrate seamlessly into your internal systems, so you don’t have to give up your ATS, payroll system or background check system. We make it easy for your systems to “talk” to one another so that information flows freely and securely, helping you streamline processes and improve accuracy and compliance.

Xenqu is more than onboarding software. It’s a platform that lets you get more from your existing HR platforms.

Xenqu Integration

Xenqu has the ability to integrate with your current API (Application Programming Interface) or recruitment ATS (Applicant Tracking Software), creating a singular unified platform.

Xenqu gives you the ability to create, track, and report on employee records. Records can be exported from a legacy system and imported into Xenqu, where they’re easily accessible and manageable.

Automate workflow processes with whatever information your organization chooses to integrate into the system. Alleviate administrative burden and improve accuracy and efficiency across your organization.

Xenqu can integrate with your legacy system, allowing you to oversee these functions from a single source. Xenqu allows information to flow between systems, simplifying data entry and ongoing management.

Since Xenqu can integrate with a wide range of digital systems, it allows your organization to consolidate multiple processes into one simple platform. Organizations that rely on paper files and manual tracking can strengthen compliance and accuracy.

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