10 Technologies and Tools Staffing Firms Need for Virtual Recruiting

The lasting impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on all areas of life is undeniable. The ways people interact with each other have completely transformed. Technology is changing every day. As has candidate expectations. For staffing agencies, this has meant adopting new processes for virtual recruiting and meeting new candidates. In the current talent market, a poor virtual recruiting process can prevent you from finding the candidates you need to fill job orders. If you aren’t already, using these technologies and tools will help your firm’s efforts. 

The Top Technologies to Consider When Virtual Recruiting

Video Interviewing Software

Interviews aren’t happening face-to-face very often anymore. However, your firm doesn’t want to necessarily rely on free video services to perform interviews. Software built specifically for video interviewing will help you keep track of candidate information, schedule interviews, check references, etc.

Recruiting Chatbots and Automated Messaging

Automate what you can! Many firms have adopted the use of chatbots and automated messaging systems to help perform reach-out efforts. These bots will identify candidates with the skills and experience you are looking for. Then, they will send an automated message about the position you’re trying to fill. If the person is interested, they’ll apply. All of this happens without anyone in your firm having to lift a finger.

Tap Into College Job Boards

The COVID-19 pandemic has recruiters facing a talent shortage as they’ve never seen before. Tapping into college job boards and other similar networks is a good idea. These tools can help you find new, emerging talent.

Utilize Social Media Sites Like LinkedIn

Social media can be a helpful tool when recruiting new candidates. LinkedIn allows you to search for candidates using specific keywords. You can review their background and get to know a little bit about their experience before contacting them about the job.

Skills and Background Check Tools

Skills assessments and background checks can be automated too. After a candidate fills out their work history, have them immediately submit a background check and forward them to a skills assessment page. Having these two things happen immediately will help keep the hiring process flowing

Virtual Event Software

Holding virtual events can help bring more awareness to your staffing firm. You can hold a live event like a Q&A or networking event on Facebook or other social media channels. The event can help candidates better understand what you do. Additionally, there are some special software programs you can use to make scheduling, planning, and holding your virtual event easier.

Artificial Intelligence-Powered Candidate Sourcing

Don’t do more work than you have to. Artificial intelligence systems will filter through applications for you. AI can locate keywords in a candidate’s resume that are associated with the position you are trying to fill. Within minutes, you will have a stack of qualified candidates to reach out to. No more sorting and sifting through piles of resumes. 

Cloud Storage

These days, cloud storage is a must, no matter what business you are in. For recruiters, it has become key to organizing and keeping track of all of the various candidate files. You won’t have to spend any time digging through paper files to find what you need.

Automated Candidate Surveys

Sending out an automated survey for candidates to fill out about the application experience can give you an idea on where you can improve the most. Sometimes candidates can provide you with feedback that you haven’t yet considered. Maybe your skills assessment takes too long or there’s a hang-up in the application process. This can prevent other top talents from applying for the job. Additionally, sending a quick, automated survey can give you that valuable information.

Essium’s Leading Virtual Recruiting Technology

Essium’s technology can help you transition into virtual recruiting with ease. Our tools integrate easily with your existing workflows. It also works efficiently to speed up the time-to-hire and reduce the risk of a bad hire. Essentially, it takes the manual labor out of recruiting so that your firm can focus on building and maintaining relationships.

Take your recruiting and hiring processes virtual by working with Essium. Our technology can help you organize your recruiting process,  perform onboarding tasks, and track all the information every step of the way. Request a consultation to learn more about Essium’s tools and how they can help you.