3 Tips to Help You Better Measure Your Staffing Firms Fill Rates and Your Recruiters Time to Fill

In the staffing business, it is important to measure certain metrics to stay on top of things. You want to ensure your time to fill is low while your fill rates are high to serve your clients to the best of your abilities. Below are a few tips to help you better measure these important metrics.

How to Best Track Fill Rates and Time to Fill

Rediscover Previous Candidates for Current Openings

Chances are, you have a stack of resumes and a network of people to tap into. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Instead, you can rediscover previous candidates for new openings as they become available. Use your system to filter through past applications to identify candidates who might be a good fit.

Candidate re-discoverability will save you a significant amount of time when finding talent to fill new positions. You won’t have to post a new job ad, attract new talent, and then screen each person. Instead, you can just tap into your already existing talent network. There are various different software you can use to filter through CVs for keywords and experience.

Use Virtual Signatures and Automate What You Can

Technology is here to help when it comes to reducing your staffing firm’s fill rates and recruiter’s time to fill. In addition to automating the resume review process, you can digitize much of the more tedious onboarding tasks. Very little of the candidate experience is the actual hiring process. Unfortunately, a lot of time is spent filling out paperwork, filing tax withholding information, and signing documents. You can accept virtual signatures to help make this process more expedient.

There are a plethora of others things you can automate too. Send out automatic emails and text messages to qualified candidates when a position becomes available. You can also automate interview scheduling and reference checking. All of this will help you save time and, ultimately, reduce the overall time to fill.

Use Technology to Provide More Information About Candidates

Much of the delay in the process usually occurs when the candidate data is forwarded to the hiring manager. If you are able to provide the hiring managers with more information about each candidate they will be more equipped to make a decision about moving forward with the applicant. Some automated systems will consider all of the qualifications listed for each candidate. Then they will be ranked based on their skills and fit for the position in question.

When you use HR technology like this during the hiring process you will improve fill rates and your time to fill. Because these metrics can have a profound impact on your staffing firm, it is important to utilize the tips above to help better these numbers where you can.

Make Sure To Track Onboarding and HR Processes

Tracking metrics can really make or break your organization. Working with Essium can help you stay on top of key metrics in the onboarding process. Our state-of-the-art software will help you not only provide a better candidate experience but also track key metrics. Contact us to learn more about how Essium’s technology can assist your staffing firm.