6 Tips to Attract Candidate Attention During A Competitive Talent Market

Your staffing firm is likely in need of quality candidates right now. Additionally, staffing firms and companies across the nation are competing for the same pool of applicants. The talent market is the most competitive it has been in a long time and it can be hard to make your agency stand out.  The tips below can help you attract the attention of the best candidates today.

How to Attract Candidates in The Competitive Talent Market

Set Expectations Early On

Establishing your expectations early on will help prevent you and the candidate from wasting any time. Usually, candidates are navigating multiple applications and potential employers or staffing firms. Setting your expectations early on in the conversation will help them decide whether or not the job will be a good fit for them. Also, by setting expectations early, you will provide a level of transparency that can help attract top talent too.

Distribute Content to Support Communication

Consider what kind of content you can send out to help support communication with candidates. Many staffing companies send out an automated message after the application has been received. However, communication efforts beyond that are practically nonexistent. It is a missed opportunity for many staffing agencies. Instead of leaving candidates in limbo, send an email letting them know their information has been received and invite them to learn more about your organization on the site. Additionally, doing this will help you maintain candidate engagement and improve their overall experience with the agency.

Conduct Interviews With Intentions of Finding the Best Fit

Every interview you conduct should be with the intention of finding the best possible cultural fit. Consider what you want to learn about the candidate and what you want the candidate to know about the client’s organization. Don’t perform the same interview with every candidate you come across. Also, cater to the individual in the interview and be intentional about the questions you ask. After all, this discussion is what will clue you in as to whether or not they’ll be a good fit for your client.

Establish a Meaningful Connection With Candidates

You want to establish a relationship with candidates from start to finish. Be transparent and honest every step of the way. If you decide not to move forward with a candidate, let them know as soon as possible. As a staffing firm, these candidates will be trusting you with their job search. Similarly, if you feel they would be a good fit for a position down the road or your needs change, you can connect with them on LinkedIn. This will help you maintain a relationship beyond the interview process whether you choose them as the new hire or not.

Provide New Hires With a Warm Welcome

The candidate experience doesn’t end when you place a candidate. You want to be sure that your new employees feel valued and respected in the role you place them in. Have the client reach out with a welcome email. Inform the client to have internal people the candidate will be working with directly and ask them to reach out to. This will make them feel like everyone is looking forward to them being in the office.

Additionally, don’t fall out of touch. Make sure your staffing firm continues to follow up after the applicant is placed. One way to do this is by reaching out for their first day to wish them luck. Another way is to reach out after they are settled in their new placement. Also, be sure to follow up with them if their placement is coming to an end to reassign them to a new position. 

Use Technology to Your Advantage

You can’t recruit top talent without adequate technology anymore. To be a successful staffing firm in today’s climate, onboarding and recruiting tech is a must. Without tools like this, your staffing firm will be less appealing to potential candidates. Additionally, your time-to-hire and fill rates will suffer. 

Looking for Onboarding Technology to Help Your Staffing Firm Stand Out in a Competitive Talent Market?

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