AI Transformations for the Staffing Industry and Predicted Trends for 2022

Artificial intelligence and automation are changing the way people interact with each other. For people in the staffing industry, it has completely revolutionized the way candidates are recruited, tracked, and placed. Moving forward into 2022, more major changes are expected. There are some predictions about what pieces of technology and trends will be most important in 2022. 

AI Trends All Staffing Firms Should Be Aware for 2022

AI Will Become Must-Have

In general, AI and automation tools will become a must-have for staffing agencies. While they have been good for cost reduction and simplification for many firms in the past, they will begin to take a more central role in recruiting, onboarding, and more. To remain competitive, you will have to implement this technology and adopt these trends.

Many agencies are using it to track onboarding and candidate status. The software programs are also helpful in maintaining contact with each candidate and keeping track of certification requirements, etc. Companies with this technology will be placed far ahead of those who haven’t adopted AI tech yet.

Faster Decision Making

Agencies will be boasting faster fill times for positions due to the efficiency of AI software. It will be able to sift through resumes, identify candidate qualifications, narrow it down, and send the information in a condensed manner to you to review before sending it to the client. In some cases, using artificial intelligence can help get a set of candidates to a client within hours. Tech will also free up recruiters to make more meaningful connections, increasing the quality of candidates you’ll receive.

Use Insights to Drive Upskilling

With the insights gained from AI, your agency can provide data as to why candidates should seek upskilling or reskilling. You can point to where the industry will be growing in the years to come and point to where they can educate themselves to expand their career. For clients, you can give insights into what employees may be looking for in development programs.

This is a huge resource for both candidates and clients. You will be able to tell candidates what they need to do to remain competitive in their respective industries. Your clients will get access to new hires that are career-driven and have the necessary skills to take the company forward. Really, it is a win-win for everyone involved.

Data-Driven Business Deals

When it comes to your clients, you can provide them with industry data that will help them predict their staffing needs. If demand in their industry is climbing, you can help them prepare with temp-to-hire staff.

Similarly, if the industry is changing, you can provide candidates with the knowledge they need because you know what direction it’s headed. Having this knowledge will provide you with an additional value proposition when negotiating business deals.

Time to Revolutionalize Your Onboarding Process!

Make sure you are updating your process to better serve your candidates and clients. At the end of the day, automation is changing the world as we know it. Your company needs to be able to keep up. Work with Essium for a more modern and effective onboarding process.