3 Reasons Your Staffing Firm Should Track Candidates Onboarding Process

Staffing firms have a lot of different metrics they need to keep track of. You have to track applications, interviews, certifications, background checks, the list goes on. It’s also a good idea to keep an eye on your candidates’ onboarding process. Doing this can keep you informed on their progress and eliminate any barriers or hold-ups so they can be placed on assignment faster. If you aren’t tracking candidate onboarding, here’s why you should be.

Why It Is Important to Track Your Candidates Onboarding Process!

Get Feedback

Tracking the onboarding process gives you a chance to get feedback from your candidates. You can survey them directly during the process to get an idea of what the experience has been like. Once they are on board, ask for more feedback about how integration into the job has been and see if there is any room for improvement.

You can do this by sending out an automated survey to new hires. The best way to get feedback is directly though. Have a conversation with the new employee and discuss what the onboarding process was like for them. You can ask for feedback about the length of time onboarding takes or the difficulty of certain tasks. Maintaining a tracking system will allow you to know if there were any areas that took longer than others to complete. It provides you with all the information you need to make positive changes to the process.

Progress Updates

This brings us to the next reason your firm should track onboarding: to receive updates on each candidate’s progress. When you have a method for tracking, you can see what paperwork they’ve completed, what training they need to do, and gauge how things are going. As mentioned above, you can see if they are hung up in a certain spot for a long time.

If they are completing training videos during their onboarding you may want progress updates so that you can check in on the job. They may need additional guidance as they learn and continue training. It will also give you the chance to check in and see if they have any questions about company procedures.

Build Engagement

You will also increase engagement with your candidates by tracking their onboarding. Of course, you will have a progress report about where they are in the process but you will also be getting feedback, hearing from managers, and listening to human resources. All of this will help you build engagement and collaboration. It will also help your candidates feel more cared for by your staffing firm if you are invested in their progress.

Candidates will be more engaged because they know you are paying attention and that you care about their experience. When members of your staff are more engaged productivity and morale both go up, which is always a plus for your organization.

Utilize Tracking Technology

Thankfully, technology can help ease metric tracking for your staffing agency. You should have dedicated software to help you track your candidate onboarding. It will also help you keep track of when certain candidates will be available for work, maintain certifications, and more. Learn more about how Xenqu by Essium and how our software can help you track your candidate’s onboarding process and beyond.