4 Easy Ways Your Healthcare Staffing Firm Can Improve Their Onboarding Process

High-quality healthcare candidates deserve a smooth and efficient placement process. As a staffing firm, it is up to you to provide the best experience possible to keep candidates and clients coming back to you for your services. These best practices can help ensure the best candidate experience while easing the burden on your staff.

Four Tips For A Better Onboarding Process

Place More Focus on the Candidate

It is easy to get tied up in mounds of paperwork during the onboarding process, especially when you are checking qualifications for a healthcare candidate. Sometimes, this can make your candidates feel like they are just another person to go through the process. However, it is important to place more focus on the employees themselves. You need to make onboarding more personal and give them time to get to know who they are working with. So, try to get all of the paperwork out of the way on the first day or beforehand so they can be empowered in their new position quickly.

Give Healthcare Candidates the Same Treatment

If your healthcare staffing firm places more than just healthcare candidates, be sure they are getting the same treatment other potential employees to receive. Regardless of how much they are paid or what role they play in the organization, they should receive all of the same information as other candidates. This will help make them feel better about their onboarding experience all around.

Define Your Values During Onboarding

A lot of employees go through the hiring process and onboarding to find out their values simply don’t align with the company they’ve been hired by. It has become increasingly important for healthcare companies to collaborate across the organization. Therefore, it is key for each of your new employees to know exactly what your values are.

For instance, if your organization places emphasis on quality care, make sure it is known. Be sure to clearly define the values that are important to your client’s organization during onboarding. Include examples of how they should behave in the workplace to achieve goals and stay true to these values.

Set Expectations Before You Hire

Do your best to educate candidates about your company culture and set expectations prior to hiring them. This means you need to provide direct communication about your company to any candidates you encounter. You should also have carefully planned activities every step of the way through their onboarding process that underlines those expectations. Not to mention, it will provide them with the information they need at the time they need it, setting them up for success.

Leaders in human resources should conduct an intake meeting when there is a new job opening. This gives healthcare candidates a chance to verify the information and ask any questions they may have. It also gives HR leaders a moment to set expectations for the candidates. In the end, you can provide a clear outline of what to expect on the job.

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