Recruiting Gen-Z Candidates? HR Automations The Next Generation Expects from Staffing Firms

Generation Z is entering the workforce and staffing firms must adapt to working with these younger candidates. They are typically used to quality technology and tech-based experiences, so it is important to utilize the latest tech in your recruitment efforts. Without these pieces of technology, your firm may become obsolete. Here are some of the human resources automations Gen Z has come to expect from staffing firms.

Faster Application Process

First and foremost, Generation Z candidates don’t want to spend a lot of time on the application process. Older generations may have been more willing to spend time on the application process, copy and pasting information from their resume and answering questions that prove their qualifications. Gen Z applicants just aren’t willing to do the same. So, automation tools like populating key data such as contact information, work history, and other items can be helpful.

You can also simply keep your application short and have the applicant send in their resume. Then, using filter technology, you can sort through resumes that seem to be a good fit. Follow up with these candidates with a questionnaire or screening calls. After that, use applicant tracking technology to keep track of candidates.


The workforce, in general, is becoming more adaptable and many people are seeking remote work positions. If they don’t want to work from home, they still typically desire some level of flexibility in their position. Work with your clients to discuss flexibility options they may consider.

Many Gen Z applicants want some kind of say in their work schedule. More than that, they want paid days off beyond vacation. One-third of Gen Z candidates are looking for their employer to offer paid mental health days as well to help promote a healthy work-life balance. To attract Gen Z applicants, the benefits package needs to support employees in finding their ideal work environment and creating it for themselves.

Face-to-Face Interactions

All that being said, Generation Z candidates still prefer in-person interactions when it comes to their job. More specifically, they need regular feedback from their employers to feel valued in their position with a company. Most are looking for feedback every few weeks and some are seeking feedback on a daily basis.

Implementing the right Human Resource technology tools and automation can free you up to spend more time on these face-to-face interactions that help engage this generation of workers. Even if the current climate in the COVID-19 era does not allow for in-person interactions you should look for ways to make interactions more personal. Try to find a balance between hands-on training and virtual learning courses during the onboarding period. Find a way to offer a warm welcome and make the onboarding process personalized to their needs. Regular check-ins during the first few weeks of employment are a must as well. There are ways you can automate these reach outs without seeming impersonal and still cater to the needs of this generation.

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