How Staffing Firms Can Prioritize Mental Health to Improve Internal Retention

Staffing agencies often struggle with their own retention rates. Talented recruiters are hard to come by, so it is important to retain your best team members. One of the best ways to improve internal retention is to prioritize mental health within your agency.

Take these steps to improve your employee’s mental health and, in turn, your retention rates.

Survey Your Staff About Mental Health

Some employers have taken the necessary steps to implement stress management programs in the workplace. However, to successfully launch stress management programs on the job, you have to understand where the stress is coming from. That is where employee surveys come in handy. You can survey your staff to see where the stress stems from and focus your energy on improving conditions for employees.

Focus on Reduction, Not Management

While stress management programs are great, you should focus on reducing the stress of the recruiters on your team rather than managing it. You can make small changes to the way you do business to ease the burden on your staff members. For example, many employers are offering employees remote and hybrid work arrangements to establish a better work-life balance. It’s also a good idea to examine whether or not you need more help. Consider putting projects on hold or contracting certain tasks out. This can help reduce the amount of work on everyone’s plate and improve your employee’s mental health overall.

Keep an Eye on Hours

Working overtime is okay occasionally, but your recruiters shouldn’t be burning the midnight oil all the time. Your employees need rest and time to unplug. Make sure that long hours don’t occur often. It will quickly lead to burnout.

Look for Signs of Depression

A huge part of prioritizing your staff’s mental health is being able to identify the signs of a problem. Train your managers to look for signs of depression, anxiety, and burnout. Looking out for your employees this way will increase productivity and happiness on the job.

Provide Resources for Employees

Companies have also started to provide mental health resources for their employees. Consider whether or not you can add counseling services or therapy into the benefits you offer the recruiters at your company. An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) can provide your staff with various resources to address their mental health needs and more. If you can’t provide benefits directly to your team, consider compiling a list of apps, sites, and other resources to help them manage their mental health.

Document Your Policy

You should consider writing up an official mental health policy for your organization. When there is a documented policy around when employees can take time off, what resources are available, etc., they are more likely to tap into it. It can also help launch a conversation about improving mental health within your staffing firm.

Looking for Other Ways to Prioritize Your Employees?

Tapping into the available staffing technology can help improve your team’s day-to-day life at work. Oftentimes, recruiters get burnt out handling the more tedious tasks like paperwork, onboarding tasks, and filing away resumes. Request a consultation with Essium today to learn how our technology can improve your recruiter’s experience working with your firm.