When and How to Change Your Staffing Software

When you are running a staffing agency or managing the hiring process for a company staying on top of everything can be a challenge. Thankfully, there is staffing software to help make the process easier. However, those programs need to be updated from time to time as well. It can be hard to know when and how to change your staffing software. Here are a few signs that it is time for a change and tips to help make any transitions seamless.

Signs It Is Time For Your Staffing Firm to Make a Software Switch

You Aren’t Getting the Right Candidates

One of the biggest signs that you should be considering a change in your staffing software is if you aren’t getting the right candidates in the door. A lot of your available talent will depend on your software’s ability to filter out what you are searching for. If you believe this is the case, think about what you need in a new staffing software. Would you like to improve your organization to find talent more quickly or better quality candidates?

Interest Has Slowed

You may have recently noticed that interest in applying to your organization has slowed. This could be due to the staffing software you are using as well. Again, most software will filter through pre-set requirements that you program it for. You may be setting the expectations for the candidate too high or the software you are using may not be able to filter for exactly what you’re looking for. Once you make a decision about switching up your software, you may notice an uptick in interest on your job listings.

Hiring Managers Are Overwhelmed

Another sign it may be time to change or upgrade your staffing software is if your hiring managers are burnt out or feeling overwhelmed. Implementing a better software system can help lighten their workload. A good software system will streamline the more tedious tasks and give your managers time to truly get to know qualified candidates. Not only that, but it will track the candidates and where they are in the hiring process as well.

Assign Someone the Task

If you are going to adopt new and improved staffing software, you should assign update-related tasks to someone or multiple people on the team. Tasking someone with getting to know the new software, how it works, and what the major benefits of using it are can help the integration of the new technology. Consider enlisting this person(s) help when you are researching different software possibilities. They can provide valuable input during your search for staffing software.

Communicate With Staff About the Changes

It is important to communicate any changes you make with your current staff, especially those involved in the hiring process. Being transparent about changes will help your staff have confidence in you as an employer, which improves morale. Good communication will always pay off when it comes to your business.

Complete Training for the Software

Once you’ve decided to update your software, it is important that everyone completes training for using the new staffing software before it is fully put to use. This will help prevent any misunderstandings and further streamline your hiring process.

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