Audit Ready: How to Improve Your Staffing Firms HR Reporting

Your human resources team is always busy but high-quality reporting is necessary to ensure that your firm is audit-ready. Thankfully, there is plenty of technology available today that can help you improve your staffing firm’s HR reporting. Here are a few things you can be doing to make sure you are always audit-ready.

Four Tips to Prepare Your Staffing Firm for Audits

Go Paperless

The first step to being better prepared for audits is taking employee files digital. As a staffing firm minimizing the amount of non-digital paperwork is key. Having to sift through piles of paperwork will make the auditing process stressful and it will take much longer than if you had a paperless system. Paperless systems help with organization and can help you find the information you need faster.

Additionally, a paperless documentation system will provide more security to employee information. If you are still using a paper-based system, you can use scanning automation tools to easily transition into a digital filing system.

Keep Tabs on Required Documents

Sometimes an auditor will pop up at your office and request to see a set number of employee files. You need to be sure that each employee profile you provide them with is equipped with all of the required documentation. A paper filing system will require you to thumb through physical documents. You will have to review each folder to ensure it obtains all of the complete, required documents.

An electronic system makes this process much easier. You can take a quick look and see whether or not the folder has all of the required documents. It is easy to stay on top of this too. Most software will allow you to receive regular updates on which employee folders are incomplete and what documents they are missing.

Maintain Certifications

If your workers are required to maintain up-to-date certifications, human resources automation technology can help you keep an eye on that as well. Staying on top of certifications with a paper system can be nearly impossible. Implementing automation can provide you with notifications when someone’s certifications are about to go out of date. You can then automate communication, reminding them that they will need to renew their certification before the deadline.

You can set up certification reports to be sent to you on a regular basis, monthly or weekly. This will help you communicate with your staff when their certifications are coming up for renewal and you’ll be ready in the event of an audit.

Stay Audit Read With Xenqu Technology!

Having an audit team come into the office can put everyone on edge and typically hinders producvitiy. So, avoiding a visit from them is always a plus. Essium’s Xenqu software can provide you with real-time reporting and creates audit-ready documents within minutes. You will have access to all of the information you need digitally and be able to provide auditors with the information they need. The software system will allow you to easily share it with them. Best of all, when you keep everything digital, it will help you keep auditors out of your office.

If you would like to learn more about the Essium Xenqu technology and how it can improve your staffing firm’s HR reporting, contact us. We can share a demo with you and discuss the possibilities for your firm.