Inefficiency is Holding You Back! How Your Staffing Firm Can Streamline HR Processes

If you find you are struggling to place candidates quickly, your staffing firm needs to look at your internal human resource practices. Without the right mix, your human resources might be draining your staff and potentially frustrating your candidates. Luckily, the fix could be as simple as streamlining and automating tasks that are taking up too much time and causing inefficiencies.

Five Tips for Staffing Firms Looking to Streamline Their HR Processes

Workflow-Driven Processes

When it comes down to is automation is becoming key to streamlining your everyday business operations. For staffing firms, this includes the onboarding process. By implementing “workflow-driven processes” your company can send out documents to employees automatically. This will make tasks like manually sorting through which tax form is appropriate to send a thing of the past. Instead, the automated system will look at the employee’s profile and select the right information to send. These small tasks can often be a time suck on your organization so utilizing automated systems like this can save your staff valuable time throughout their day.

Pre-Filled Documents

Another way onboarding can be made a bit easier for everyone is by having documents automated to pre-fill based on the data you already have. Information like the employee’s name, address, and contact information can be filled in automatically. Although it may seem small, it can really make a big difference in how much time filling out paperwork takes. Every minute saved adds up over time.

Mobile E-Sign Options

One thing many companies are taking advantage of these days is the ability to sign documents virtually. Many people are working from a remote setting or, at the very least, submitting applications remotely. Being able to sign important documents from a mobile device can help you get the signed paperwork you need during the onboarding process in a timely manner. This saves your organization and candidates time.

Background Check Integration

Many staffing firms provide background checking services. In fact, it is often a large part of the onboarding process as a whole. However, background checks can be time-consuming. Thankfully, you can utilize technology that helps you integrate your onboarding processes with background check services. This will send the name of the applicant and other details directly to the background check company. Then they will be able to investigate and get you the information you need in a timely manner.

Information Processing

Overall, integrating technology in your staffing firm will help you become more efficient. It gives your agency the ability to process information faster and provide a report. This will reduce the amount of repeat work each of the recruiters in your firm is doing on a daily basis. Any time you can cut out repeat processes or data entry will always have a positive impact on your business as a whole.

Ready to Streamline your Human Resource Processes? Essium Can Help!

There is no doubt that implementing tech can have a profound impact on your onboarding process. Save yourself and your staffing firm the frustration by working with Essium today! Contact us to see how we can assist you.