HR Technology Trends all Staffing Firms Need to Know for The Second Half of 2021

Technology changes at a rapid pace. It can be hard for your staffing firm to keep up. There is a plethora of human resources technology circulating now. You need to stay ahead of these technology trends to ensure that your service continues to meet and exceed client and candidate expectations. Here are some of the trends you’ll need to be aware of for the second half of the year.

The Rise in Popularity of HR Technology! 5 Trends Staffing Firms Should Know

Much of the technology used in the world of HR is implemented to help firms save time and integrate every piece of information they need into the hiring process. Mobile technology has become especially important for staffing agencies. Timekeeping programs and other artificial intelligence software have also seen a rise in popularity. The key to choosing the right technology for your firm is identifying problems and finding tech to provide a solution. Below are four trending pieces of tech that your firm may see value in utilizing.

Time Tracking Software

First, many staffing firms need to implement some kind of time tracking software. Most clients will be billed hourly, so having an accurate record of time spent working on meeting their needs is important. This software will automatically track time spent on specific projects and log them into a timesheet. Having this automation in place verifies what each person was working on and for how long. The main benefit being, that it leaves no room for doubt. Additionally, with so many people are working remotely these days, time tracking software has become a must.

Automated Candidate Sourcing

Artificial intelligence is being used by staffing firms in numerous ways as well. One of the most useful ways it is being utilized is by assisting in sourcing new candidates. The AI can scan job descriptions, learn what the requirements are, and find qualified candidates. Additionally, automated sourcing can help the recruiter sift through external databases like Indeed and CareerBuilder and their own internal contacts.

Resume Screening

Another way AI is helping recruiters is by offering automated resume screening programs. Roughly 75% of resumes submitted for a job opening are unqualified candidates. The AI can filter through existing applicants’ skills and qualifications then proceed with screening, grading, and ranking each based on their compatibility. Additionally, using resume screening technology can help firms discover applicants whose experience truly fits the needs of their clients promptly.

Enriching Data

Everyone knows that many job applications go farther than just a resume and cover letter these days. AI can also help your firm enrich the data you have about each candidate. Natural language processing can assist you in finding and scraping each candidate’s social media profiles and other online portfolios. This information can give you a more accurate picture of their overall experience and truly decide whether or not they are a good fit. Prior to this tech being available, recruiters may have spent hours doing this manually.

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