Make Your Staffing Firm an I-9 Compliance Master With These 3 Tips to Speed Up The Process

If 2020 showed owners of staffing firms anything, it is where their weaknesses lie in terms of policy and procedure. For many, maintaining compliance while interviewing and onboarding remotely posed unique challenges, especially for staffing companies that had little experience finding and placing candidates remotely before. These tips can help you verify your remote I-9s faster.

3 I-9 Compliance Tips For Staffing Firms

Have Clear Policies

First and foremost, your staffing firm must have clear policies regarding receiving and processing your I-9s. Know what things you need to include in your policies to maintain compliance, and be sure to have them clearly stated in company policy.  With clear steps and instructions on how the paperwork needs to be processed to stay in compliance, you will have fewer issues.

Be sure these policies are written out and communicated with any employees that handle these types of tasks. When there are organization and clear policies drawn out, it will help you verify your remote I-9s more quickly. On top of that, it will also ensure your policies are being followed, and compliance will remain a non-issue.

Provide Better Instructions

When working in a remote setting, clear communication and instructions are key. Communicating exactly what needs to be done will keep your candidates organized and on track. You will be able to speed the process along when you provide your newly placed remote candidates with step-by-step directions.

This will also help you maintain compliance when it comes to the paperwork being submitted. Beyond that, it will also the expectations for filing the paperwork clear to your newly placed candidates. Setting these expectations with concise instructions will help you keep everything organized.

Review the Information Promptly

Do not let the paperwork your recently placed candidates send in sit for a long period of time before it is reviewed. Have a clear timeline and process for reviewing the information. If, when reviewing the information, there are mistakes or information missing, you can correct errors quickly. You can also identify any missing information and address any questions from your candidates on assignment.

Having a timeframe to review paperwork, allows you to see missing information. It also allows you to identify anything the candidate may need to add to their submitted paperwork. You can remedy these issues in a more timely manner if you have a deadline on when new paperwork should be reviewed. Additionally, processing the information in a timely manner will make sure your staffing firm is in compliance.

Consider Technology Options to Assist

Utilizing technology can help implement these tips. Many businesses have found ways to automate their remote onboarding process during the past year. Some automation options may include a welcome message sent out with instructions for filling out paperwork and tasks for the first day. You may also automate and fully digitize paperwork to speed the process along as well. For example, many companies have begun using digital signing programs and other technology to help them review paperwork in a timely manner.

Essium has created technology that can help your business streamline onboarding and help you maintain compliance when processing I-9s. See how our tech can help your company improve its processes.