Get More Time in Your Day: How to Save Time Onboarding as a Staffing Firm

Onboarding, when it is done right, takes time. This is something that staffing firms know better than anyone else because clients rely on them for quick and easy hiring. These tips can help you onboard faster so you can provide more value to your clients and have more time in your day to focus on finding top talent.

5 Ways Staffing Firms Can Improve Their Onboarding Process

Provide Them with Internal Connections

One of the best things you can do during the onboarding process is to help facilitate communication between the candidate and the organization that they will be working for.  By introducing the new team member to the organization, the candidate will feel more at ease during the onboarding process. It will also help them feel more connected to the company right off the bat.

Have a Clear New-Hire Checklist

Without clear guidance, many new hires struggle to get on board with their daily tasks. Ultimately, this wastes time and money and will frustrate your clients. Before bringing in a new hire for their first day, work with the company to create a list of what the candidate should know before starting. You should also have a checklist of things to go through the first day, such as access to different systems in the organization and tools they need to do their job.

Display How This Role Can Make a Difference

Another thing that will save time during the onboarding process is finding a way to motivate your new team member from the start. Introduce them to the company and explain how working there will help them on their career path, especially if they are a temporary worker. This will lead the candidate to be inspired and motivated on assignment and provide value that will likely make them want to work with you again.

Have a Concrete Plan for the First Two Months

Many staffing firms make the mistake of only planning out their new hire’s first day. While the candidate may be on assignment and seemingly off your plate, you need to stay in touch. Have a communication plan for the first two months to stay organized and ensure their success in the workplace. This should include regular check-ins and training tasks.

Time Onboarding Correctly

Many businesses make the mistake of onboarding new employees at the beginning of the week. While this does allow them to work a full week in their new position, they don’t typically get the attention they need to be onboarded properly. It has been recommended that staffing firms encourage businesses to onboard new employees on Fridays. This day of the week is not typically as hectic as a Monday or Tuesday. The rest of your client’s staff is usually a bit more relaxed at the end of the week as well, making your newest addition to the team feel welcome.

Implement an Onboarding System

Some staffing firms have luck with integrating technology into their onboarding program. Onboarding systems typically implement technology to make the process more streamlined and easier so you can fill assignments quickly and easily. It immediately gets the information and forms, such as benefits forms, address forms, and tax documents, to the new hire. These systems can also get some training materials out to the new employee, especially if there are video training materials.

Ready to Improve Your Staffing Firms Onboarding Process?

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