3 Tips for Staffing Firms to Credential Healthcare Candidates Quickly

Making sure healthcare candidates are properly credentialed is no easy task for your staffing company. Conducting background checks, managing certification renewals, and tracking inoculations can help get some of the groundwork out of the way. Here are a few tips to help you credential your healthcare candidates quickly to get them on assignment fast without putting quality at risk.

What is Medical Credentialing?

In the healthcare field, it is important that each person working has the appropriate credentials and background for the job. After all, in some cases, lives may be at stake. Depending on the position, you will need to check educational background, residency, licensing, certificates, career history, qualifications, background information, and inoculations. Organizing this for your clients takes the stress of hiring off their plate. It also provides tremendous value, but only if you can ensure quality and reliable credentialing.

That is a lot of information to check before bringing an employee on board, but each piece is necessary to ensure the health and safety of others. Additionally, here are some ways to speed the process along, though. Here are three tips to help you speed the process along.

Ways Staffing Firms Can Speed Up Credential Healthcare Candidates

Start the Process ASAP

 The best way to credential your healthcare candidates quickly is to get them started with the process as soon as possible. Sometimes credentialing can take up to four months to complete. If possible, try and have candidates start their process up to 120 days before their assignments expected start date. This way, once your clients are ready to have them on the team, the candidates are ready to start.

Create a Credentialing Packet

As mentioned above, there is a ton of information needed to credential a healthcare worker properly. As a staffing firm, you want to place great candidates in your client’s open positions as quickly as possible. Creating a way to organize credentialing and letting candidates know what is needed of them right away keeps the process from becoming too overwhelming for them. Provide them with the key information they will need to give you to move forward.

Have a Way to Track Progress

When onboarding multiple nurses and filling multiple assignments, tracking each candidate’s progress is essential. Some staffing firms may use a simple spreadsheet, while others use a credentialing software system. Whatever the case may be, it is important to have a solid way of tracking the candidate’s progress in the credentialing stage. This will help you keep tabs on where they are in the process and help you fill your clients’ openings quickly. Ultimately, any long delays in credentialing will frustrate your clients and result in lost revenue for your staffing firm.

However, you do not want to start any nurse or healthcare provider on assignment without fully checking these credentials. Be sure they are aware that their estimated start date is contingent on these credentialing documents’ submission and approval.

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