How to Incorporate Sustainability Into Your Onboarding Process: Tips and Ideas

Today, people are increasingly eco-conscious. If you want to position your company as an employer of choice, incorporating sustainability into your onboarding process makes a difference. It shows candidates that your organization is committed to safeguarding the environment, all while helping your company reduce waste and even cut costs.

Fortunately, incorporating sustainability into your onboarding process is reasonably straightforward. Here are some tips and ideas to get you started.

Use Digital and Virtual Approaches to Enhance Sustainability

When the focus is on creating an eco-friendly onboarding process, one of the most crucial steps is to eliminate (or significantly reduce) the use of paper. Making as much of the process digital or virtual as possible is typically the simplest way to enhance sustainability.

Provide access to digital employee handbooks by emailing them as PDFs or offering them through a new hire online portal. Similarly, use the portal to collect critical information or documentation from incoming employees and make use of digital signature technologies for documents that employees need to sign.

Having virtual interviews and video-based team introductions can also be a greener option. At a minimum, it eliminates the need for an employee to commute to the worksite to engage in some of these activities, which does make a difference.

You can also explore online video or digital options for other activities. For example, use e-learning modules to support training and go with video-based instruction over face-to-face sessions that require travel.

Give New Hires an Eco-Friendly Welcome Kit

Providing new hires with a welcome kit featuring critical office supplies (and maybe some company swag) is an excellent way for employers to showcase their appreciation. Plus, it’s a chance to make sure that every incoming employee has crucial basics covered.

By going with eco-friendly welcome kits instead of more traditional options, your company functionally incorporates sustainability into this time-honored practice. Make sure any office supplies or company-provided attire are environmentally conscious. For example, notebooks made from recycled paper, a reusable water bottle, and a company t-shirt made with hemp fabric are all excellent options.

Educate New Hires on Sustainable Workplace Habits

During the onboarding process, spend time educating new hires on sustainable workplace habits. By introducing them to best practices, relevant company policies, and similar information, they can support the company in its mission to do its part to protect the planet. Plus, it showcases that sustainability is a genuine priority for the organization, making a positive impression on new hires.

Do You Need Onboarding Technology to Make Your Process Sustainable?

Having the right onboarding technology not only streamlines processes; it also makes onboarding more sustainable. If you’re looking for a top-quality onboarding system that harnesses cutting-edge technology to simplify workflows and compliance while promoting sustainability, Essium offers solutions designed explicitly with the staffing industry in mind.

At Essium, helping recruitment agencies bridge the talent gap, engage with standout candidates, and enhance operational efficiency is our primary goal, and our approach makes onboarding eco-friendlier. Schedule a consultation call with us today!