Creating a Positive Onboarding Experience for Remote Employees

For remote employees, starting a new job is often challenging. Since they aren’t coming into the office, they may feel less of a connection with the organization and their team. Plus, communication options are often less personal, which can make the environment feel less welcoming. They may also struggle to get critical information quickly, which can slow their journey toward full productivity. Fortunately, by developing an onboarding process that caters to the needs of remote employees, companies can improve outcomes. Here’s a look at how to create a positive onboarding experience for remote employees and ensure their ongoing success.

Seize Opportunities to Build Connections

Since remote employees aren’t getting the benefit of meeting their managers or colleagues in person, seizing opportunities to help them build meaningful connections is essential. One pathway that’s often ideal is to assign each new hire a buddy. Have them introduce themselves during a video call, and ensure the buddy can serve as a reliable point of contact as the incoming employee acclimates to their position. Additionally, create a designated option for informal communication. Having a specific place where employees can chat casually, invites discussions that allow everyone to get to know each other. These social moments do make forging bonds easier, and they can help the new hire feel welcome and supported. Finally, make sure that the new hire’s manager actively communicates. Have them schedule a call to discuss expectations and the steps that will occur during the new hire’s introductory period. Ensure that they’re available to answer questions or address concerns, as well as provide regular feedback to assist the new hire during their journey. Scheduling regular check-ins is also wise, as it creates opportunities to develop a rapport and discuss general progress and upcoming steps.

Harness the Power of Technology

When you need to onboard a remote employee, technology is your ally for many reasons. First, onboarding platforms are often highly accessible, making it easy to provide the new hire with critical access to documentation and collect needed data to complete personnel files. Additionally, it can allow you to create streamlined, set processes for new hires to follow. Along with ensuring every step is handled correctly, it can guide remote employees through the entire workflow. Plus, onboarding technology can assist in other critical areas. Solutions may have checks in place to ensure full compliance with applicable laws. Additionally, they can automate many steps and eliminate redundant data entry, reducing internal workloads significantly. At Essium, we’ve created an onboarding solution that reduces friction and creates a welcoming environment for remote employees, ensuring they feel included and supported from day one. Our technology allows you to leverage technology to create personalized, engaging onboarding experiences, making it easier for remote workers to hit the ground running and become productive team members in less time. If you’re looking for an onboarding solution that streamlines onboarding for remote employees, Essium wants to hear from you. Contact us to learn more about our comprehensive onboarding solutions and how we can help your recruitment agency thrive.