Navigating Onboarding in a “Post-Pandemic World”: Challenges and Opportunities

The pandemic fundamentally altered many parts of daily life, but few impacts were as dramatic as how it affected the world of work. COVID-19 made remote work far more commonplace, and that’s come with its fair share of benefits and drawbacks. Additionally, many people completely left the workforce during the pandemic, worsening the labor shortage. As a result, recruitment and retention are increasingly challenging, and that’s unlikely to change any time soon. In this new landscape, recruitment agencies are having to figure out how to navigate onboarding in the post-pandemic world. In some ways, it’s proving difficult, but opportunities are also emerging. Here’s an overview of many of the challenges staffing firms are facing, as well as opportunities they can seize.

Onboarding Challenges in a Post-Pandemic World

One of the most significant challenges recruitment firms are facing when it comes to onboarding in the post-pandemic world is managing a distributed workforce. Remote positions remain a common part of the equation, and many companies are either entirely remote or using a hybrid approach. For onboarding, remote employees have a different experience than their in-office counterparts. There’s less face-to-face interaction with their managers and colleagues, which can hinder relationship building. Additionally, they may have difficulties connecting with others when they have questions and might receive less direct guidance regarding onboarding requirements. Many companies also had to quickly revamp their onboarding process to support remote work, and some of the approaches weren’t particularly refined. Since they were created haphazardly, some organizations find that their onboarding process isn’t explicitly designed to avoid compliance issues, causing critical steps to fall through the cracks.

Onboarding Opportunities in a Post-Pandemic World

While onboarding challenges have emerged in the post-pandemic landscape, opportunities are also arising. The pandemic has led to the development and refinement of onboarding technologies designed to streamline processes, ensure compliance, and boost engagement. Additionally, it’s caused many to embrace the adoption of new solutions, as more people are seeing the merit of reliable, comprehensive technologies. Through the use of onboarding solutions – including Essium’s onboarding system – recruitment firms can ensure compliance. Our solutions are able to adapt to the requirements of different states, creating functional checklists and workflows that make document sharing and information gathering simple and trackable. Additionally, onboarding solutions by Essium are designed for comprehensiveness while creating opportunities for personalization. When taken together, candidates remain highly engaged and receive all of the details they require, leading to a better experience that genuinely sets new hires up for success while boosting retention. Essium’s solution also simplified internal workflows by harnessing the power of automation. This allows staffing firm recruiters to spend less time on tedious or repetitive tasks, giving them more opportunities to engage with candidates and new hires to support their journeys. If you want an onboarding solution that allows you to size the opportunities available in the post-pandemic landscape, Essium can help. Contact us to find out more about our comprehensive onboarding solutions and how we can help your staffing firm thrive.