Why Having an All-in-One System with a True Focus Only on One Discipline Could Be a Disadvantage in Onboarding

The onboarding experience can be a make-or-break for new hires. Often, onboarding dramatically shapes their initial impressions as an employee and determines whether they proceed in the role with confidence, have hesitations, or even choose to leave the company based on the quality of the experience.

Bringing in an onboarding solution featuring cutting-edge technology elevates the overall new hire experience. However, choosing an all-in-one system that doesn’t specialize in onboarding (or a critical subarea) can come with drawbacks. Here’s a look at why having an all-in-one HR solution is a potential disadvantage, as well as what companies have to gain by choosing onboarding software with the correct focus.

Why Using an All-in-One System Could Be a Disadvantage

An all-in-one system offers a wide array of functionality in a single package. With HR solutions, these systems often cover areas like applicant tracking, onboarding, payrolling, performance management, and more. While this seems like a convenient approach for handling all HR-related tasks, jack-of-all-trade solutions are potentially a master of none of those areas.

Since all-in-one systems focus on broadness, they may lack the customization capabilities of a focused onboarding solution. Additionally, there may be less expertise in a singular area, as no sub-functionality is a clear priority. In turn, that could lead to a diminished experience for the company and new hires alike, or it may increase workloads to compensate for the lack of specialization.

Whether those issues occur does depend on the precise all-in-one solution involved. Every system is different, so the degree of expertise and amount of customization in each functional area varies. However, many won’t offer the full breadth of targeted onboarding capabilities as a specialized onboarding solution, which is critical to keep in mind when choosing an approach.

The Benefits of Choosing a Focused Onboarding Solution

With a focused onboarding solution, the system is inherently concentrating on the complex world of onboarding. When it’s developed, onboarding best practices and new trends are typically driving the design. The goal is to excel at this single area, not cover a wide array of HR functionalities. As a result, the depth of the capabilities often exceeds what you find in all-in-one solutions.

Additionally, onboarding-specific systems frequently offer more customization options than an all-in-one may support. Since the system is targeted to a specific function, it can dig into the nitty-gritty of what onboarding involves while recognizing that every company using it has unique needs. In turn, companies may find that the included tools and settings give more room for personalization, leading to an onboarding experience that genuinely meets the needs of their organization specifically.

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