Returning to Normal: Will Automation Change the Candidate Experience and Recruiting Game in 2023?

One of the most consistent trends in the world of recruitment is automation. With automation, staffing firms can streamline a variety of operations, simplify candidate sourcing, and elevate the candidate experience. As 2023 continues, automation remains a hot topic, particularly since it could revolutionize both the candidate experience and recruiting.

Currently, automation is already changing the game on both fronts, and its potential for additional benefits is undeniable. Here’s a look at how automation will change the candidate experience and recruitment this year and beyond.

How Automation Will Change the Candidate Experience

Automation is already impacting the candidate experience in several ways. One of the clearest examples is automated messages, allowing job seekers to receive notifications as they advance through the hiring process. That eliminates questions about whether their application was received or if they’re still in contention, providing peace of mind.

Chatbots are also having an effect. With a bot, candidates can get questions to common questions quickly, even if their recruiter isn’t available. Automation during onboarding can also strategically guide a candidate along their journey toward becoming a new hire, ensuring critical steps occur at the right time and in the correct order.

With automation, candidates are also less likely to encounter unconscious bias. As a result, they get to experience a level playing field, ensuring they aren’t unfairly judged based on demographics or membership in a protected group. In turn, that leads to a better overall experience.

How Automation Will Change Recruitment

The key benefit of automation is the ability to remove tedious and repetitive tasks from the plates of recruiters. Whether it’s reviewing candidate databases to find matches to open positions or reaching out to engage with those that are the best fit, automation can simplify the process.

Plus, automation can eliminate cumbersome data entry, which is a boon for staffing agencies that use more than one platform. With the right tools, new data can cross-populate across the various systems, so there isn’t a need to re-enter it into every platform manually.

As a result, recruiters have more time available to handle activities that genuinely require the human touch. This lead to heightened overall efficiency, all while ensuring that every task – whether big or small – is managed correctly across the entire company.

Capturing the Benefits of Automation

Automation is typically a feature in specific recruitment and hiring software solutions, giving staffing firms additional capabilities to streamline operations and simplify candidate sourcing. As a result, gaining access to the correct platform is an essential part of the equation, ensuring your recruitment agency can tap the right tools to achieve your recruitment goals while offering an improved candidate experience.

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