Using Onboarding Software to Do More with Less

Effective onboarding is crucial for candidate success. When the process is thorough, new hires have the information they need to thrive. One of the main challenges is that onboarding is cumbersome, both for candidates and recruitment agencies alike. Fortunately, by using onboarding software, you simplify the process for everyone.

Onboarding software creates opportunities for task automation, effectively letting you do more with less. You can offer a comprehensive introduction to the company, all while reducing the burden on recruiters. Here’s a look at how leading onboarding software streamlines the process.

Eliminating Redundant Data Entry

One of the most significant benefits of automation when you’re onboarding is the elimination of redundant data entry. Leading onboarding solutions can integrate with a variety of widely used platforms. When candidate information is collected, it can automatically populate throughout the connected system. As a result, recruiters spend less time reentering the same information in every solution.

Reducing Error Rates

Automation through comprehensive onboarding solutions reduces error rates. The software automatically tracks completed documentation, ensuring nothing is accidentally overlooked. As a result, compliance is easier to achieve.

Additionally, automated data entry across integrated systems limits the odds of errors. Since data is only entered a single time before it’s automatically sent to the connected platforms, typos typically occur less frequently. Plus, if an error happens, a single updated entry can fix the mistake across the board.

Streamlining Communication

Effective communication with candidates is crucial for engagement. The challenge is that reaching out regularly is time-consuming. Plus, tracking the various messages to and from job seekers requires a significant amount of energy, and it’s easy to accidentally miss a key moment to reach out.

With onboarding solutions, communication is simpler. Notifications are sent to recruiters at the right moments, altering them when an issue needs addressing. Additionally, the solution can send out pre-generated messages to candidates on a set schedule, either time-based or trigger-based. As a result, recruiters don’t have to handwrite those emails or texts, saving them time.

Supporting Digital Signatures

Digital signatures allow candidates to complete specific new hire paperwork remotely. This is far more convenient for job seekers, as they can handle signing the documents at home or while on the go. Recruiters also benefit, as they don’t have to dedicate time to acquiring signatures on documents during their work day.

Additionally, the onboarding software can track the completion of these signed documents. Along with ensuring compliance, it helps recruiters monitor a candidate’s progress. If the job seeker is late with a signature, the onboarding solution can send automated reminders or alert recruiters to ensure proper follow-up.

Finally, this process eliminates the need for new hires to spend their first days on the job completing paperwork. Instead, they can focus on learning the nuances of their role and exploring their new workplace, leading to higher engagement.

Bottom Line

Ultimately, onboarding software is a critical tool that helps your staffing firm do more with less. Automation, streamlined communication, and other features expedite the onboarding process, all while enhancing candidate engagement.

If you want to simplify and improve your candidate onboarding process by embracing modern technology solutions, Essium can help. Contact us to find out more about how our contemporary and comprehensive onboarding solutions can benefit your staffing firm today.