Ready to Revolutionize Your Onboarding?

Your onboarding process has a significant impact on the new hire experience. Additionally, it affects how quickly they reach full productivity and alters their ongoing training needs. As a result, having a comprehensive, streamlined onboarding experience is essential. Fortunately, with the right onboarding technology, it’s possible to revolutionize your onboarding.

Onboarding technology modernizes and simplifies the experience for new hires. Further, it reduces the administrative burden for companies, reducing workloads through automation and reducing error rates dramatically. If you’re wondering what an updated approach can do for you, here’s a look at how embracing technology can improve your process.

Simplifying Pre-Boarding

Many companies assume that their onboarding process doesn’t begin until the new hire’s first day on the job. However, by embracing pre-boarding, you can streamline the experience for incoming employees and administrative staff alike.

During pre-boarding, new hires can complete critical paperwork relating to payroll and systems access, allowing those steps to move forward before the incoming employee arrives on day one. Additionally, through automation, administrative staff members can spend less time physically entering data across the various systems.

Pre-boarding also allows the for the creation of new hire checklists, ensuring various departments handle their tasks before the new hire arrives. As a result, an incoming employee’s first day can focus more on culture introduction, facilities tours, meet-and-greets, and productivity, reducing the time it takes for them to provide value.

Improved Content Delivery

Onboarding technology creates avenues for content delivery beyond what’s typically capable. Critical information – such as the employee handbook and training materials – can be sent in advance. Additionally, mobile-friendly approaches are available, allowing new hires to use their preferred devices to review information. Couple that with verifications and e-signatures, and you can monitor an incoming employee’s progress with ease, ensuring every step is complete.

Streamlined Administrative Processes

As mentioned above, onboarding technology can streamline administrative processes. It reduces the need for redundant data entry, as candidate-provided information can simply be imported into connected systems. Plus, since the process is less manual, error rates are reduced. This makes repeat work less necessary, as well as prevents mistakes from leading to headaches down the line.

Better New Hire Experience

With the right onboarding technology, you improve the new hire experience. Streamlined, simplified processes reduce friction, reducing the burden that is often placed on incoming employees. Since it’s quicker and technology-based, it also highlights your company as being tech-savvy. In turn, this makes it easier to position your organization as an employer of choice, leading to less turnover and easier recruitment.

Bottom Line

Ultimately, revolutionizing your onboarding process through technology results in clear gains. Along with streamlining the experience for new hires, it reduces the burden on your administrative staff. As a result, you can spend less time on tedious steps and more time ensuring the incoming employee has what they need to thrive, allowing them to reach full productivity faster.

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