Why Your Staffing Firm Needs to Implement These 4 Phases of Onboarding

As a staffing agency, there is a lot of work that goes into a successful candidate placement. After you have gotten them through a set of interviews, connected them with their employer, and they have accepted the offer, your job still isn’t done. Employee onboarding ties the entire hiring process together and sets the candidate up for success in their new role.

Your onboarding process needs to include these four things.

Inform Them About Compliance

Educating new employees about compliance and ensuring all of their paperwork is filed is one of the most basic parts of onboarding. You need to inform employees about company policies, government regulations, and other rules that apply to their position. It is also crucial to ensure all of the employee’s documents have been properly filled out and filed away. This protects you and the candidate because the rules are made known immediately.

Be Clear About Expectations

That brings us to the next point. You have to set clear expectations for new employees during the onboarding process. Oftentimes, new hires leave within the first year. This is because there is a lack of clarity on what they are supposed to do in their new position. To remedy this, you should set clear expectations during the onboarding process. Clarify what their responsibilities are, go over performance goals, and detail what the benchmarks for success are. This should happen through direct verbal communication during onboarding and the information should also be relayed in their job description, procedure handbooks, etc.

Establish Company Culture Norms

Company culture is a huge deciding factor for many candidates. They want to know that the organization they are working for has goals and values that closely align with their own. To make new hires feel like they are an integral part of the company culture, connect them with coworkers on their first day. Make sure they know who they are reporting to and who to contact for different issues. Additionally, establishing where they stand in the organization and what the cultural norms are within your company helps each candidate be more engaged from the start.

Provide Them With Internal Connections

As mentioned in the point above, you want to connect new hires with their colleagues on their first day. You want them to feel like they have an immediate connection with your organization. In the virtual workplace, you might send them a welcome video from key players in the company. You can also select a seasoned employee to help mentor and guide them throughout their first few weeks on the job. Additionally, schedule meetings with each of their coworkers. All of this can help them feel more connected to the job from the start and improve retention rates in the long run.

Need Help Improving Your Onboarding Process?

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