To Onboarding and Beyond! (4 Phases to Consistency and Compliance in Onboarding)

As technology shapes the present and future of HR, the role of HR professionals around the globe continues to evolve and grow. The role of HR has always included the recruiting and hiring of qualified candidates, but today’s businesses demand more, far beyond recruiting and hiring.

A consistent onboarding process has moved to the forefront of required “tools” for success. Today, businesses have the opportunity to utilize artificial intelligence (AI), intelligent automation, paperless forms, and more. These highly developed processes bring the two most important components to an onboarding process: Compliance and Consistency.

Through the power of automation and AI, a cloud-based onboarding platform can consistently do the same thing…over and over again, all the while maintaining compliance amidst constantly changing laws and regulations.

But the reality for HR today is that the scope of the job demands more than just recruiting and hiring with the expectation for proper onboarding. The job now often demands: recruiting, hiring, training, getting new employees engaged and productive, developing culture, and maintaining retention of top talent. The requirements for today’s HR personnel encompass an employee’s tenure from the beginning to the end.

As we work with clients in various niches, we consistently see 4 powerful phases that help organizations build and protect their staff and future business, all driven by technology, automation, and AI.

Here are 4 important phases in your onboarding process that will better allow you to find and retain the talent you want and need:

  1. Recruiting/Interview

The power of automation allows you to screen potential candidates, sorting through mounds of data at a faster rate with less bias. This process allows a business to “see” all potential candidates, while also assuring the potential of finding a candidate that might have been passed over or simply missed by human review.

Some job opportunities receive hundreds of resumes that require hours of human work, sorting, sifting, reading, and searching. Some of these resumes are never reviewed, lost to the demand of time required and needed efficiency for HR pros. Intelligent automation is a powerful tool to leverage in the space of recruiting and hiring your next employee.

2. Pre-Offer

We see clients today making contingency offers that allow them to do their due diligence on a potential new hire. By unleashing a fleet of intelligent robots on this process, we can cover everything from background checks, visa expiration check/management, I-9/E-Verify Verification, and more. The process maintains compliance throughout, assuring that candidates “clear” so that an official and final offer can be made. Not only does this protect your business, but it also provides speed, efficiency, and consistency to your hiring process.

3. Orientation

This is the phase that most people equate with onboarding. By using a digital onboarding platform like our Xenqu platform, you can make sure that all employees receive the training and policy notifications that are required.

Chatbots can be utilized to communicate with new hires, prompting them to complete all the required tasks. The system also communicates with hiring managers, assuring they too are up-to-date on what is needed to complete orientation.

This process also keeps records of what each employee has been notified of and trained on, as the employee must verify they have completed the phase before moving on to the next step. Retrieving forms and orientation training is simple and presents validation that the employee received all the forms and training required.

Important in this orientation phase is a 90-day review that is scheduled and required for all new employees. This is an important window to assuring that the new employee is engaged and moving toward full productivity.

4. Annual Review

The important 4th phase of the onboarding process is the annual review. Mixed with a combination of immediate feedback and coaching throughout an employee’s tenure, the annual review assures evaluation and feedback for both the employee and employer.

Our Xenqu platform can measure productivity value per employee, so the implementation of this metric, along with a yearly review, makes a powerful tool.

A powerful onboarding process goes well beyond just paperwork, and just onboarding. It can cover the many facets of HR, giving you the best opportunity to build the workforce and staff you want and need. These 4 phases will help you maintain the important formula of successful onboarding: Compliance + Consistency!