3 Tech Trends Shaping HR

With the development of many new platforms and programs designed to help carry out HR functions, we see many HR managers having more time to focus on the things that truly make a difference in their business: leadership, relationship building, training, employee career development, and more. Among all the platforms and programs, there are many technological options that are available. Here are 3 of the top HR Tech Trends that are shaping HR.

The Explosion of AI

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is all-around us, and just as simple as it is to use Siri or Alexa in the home, there are business “assistants” developed to help HR professionals complete their job more efficiently. One of the more highly developed aspects of AI is found in chatbots.

In the HR realm, chatbots can actually assist in the early stage recruitment screening process by handling the first round of interviews, with candidates simply logging on and responding to questions.

This technology can help HR personnel work through mounds of data, in order to find quality candidates, without having to spend hours, days, or even weeks and months sorting through hundreds of resumes.

With the implementation of intelligent automation, chatbots can lead the process in employee onboarding systems, communicating with new hires from any location, and at any time. They can answer pertinent questions for your new employee, as well as initiate certain protocols to help your newbie assimilate.

Certainly, we see the technology in use, as chatbots screen questions submitted on websites, answering questions and fielding customer service issues. AI has a broad spectrum of uses and implementations, already shaping the field of modern day HR.

Up There in the Cloud

Cloud-based technology allows immediate access to loads of information, to whomever wants it or has access to it. The cloud provides an incredible amount of space, and some companies have responded by going totally paperless.

Not only does the cloud hold important information that needs to be protected and saved, it also hosts many opportunities for online training. With training being one of the top requests of employees today, programs can be uploaded and shared via the cloud, giving access anywhere in the world, and in any time zone.

With the speed at which technology develops, updates to most programs and systems are critical. Years ago, businesses purchased technology platforms that would last them several years, and then they would be required to upgrade by purchasing an entirely new system, or program. Today, updates can be transmitted immediately via the cloud, keeping a company up-to-date with the latest versions of software. Cloud technology offers an affordable way to share resources on any budget for companies of any size.

Engagement Evaluation

How’s your employee doing? Are they engaged? Are they productive? Are they happy? Are they staying or leaving? While many companies still struggle to implement systems that measure performance, others now survey workers quarterly, monthly or even weekly to determine engagement. Many modern HR Tech systems enable event-based feedback that can be gathered whenever there is a major organizational change.

Josh Bersin, founder of HR research resource Bersin by Deloitte identifies “real-time survey systems, sentiment analysis software, organizational network analysis tools” as a major HR disruption for 2018. These real-time systems let HR know what their employee needs, without having to spend hours or days sifting through data, allowing them to respond as things development. This feedback for both employer and employee are crucial to the communication required for strong employee engagement and productivity.

The HR Tech space is a fun and exciting world, helping HR recruit, hire, and retain top talent, while unleashing the power of people and making businesses more effective and profitable. Find the systems that work for you and your business.

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