That Large Sucking Sound is Coming From Your Inefficient Compliance Process

We all have 24 hours in a day, and we want and need to make the most of each minute. As HR professionals, what we really want is to spend more time dealing with paperwork, and less time dealing with people. Stop…reverse that. We want to spend less time on paperwork, and more time leading, developing, training, and guiding our amazing workforce.

Today’s ever-shifting compliance regulations are not an easy terrain to traverse, and we know that errors and mistakes can equal massive fines. There are several options to consider in your effort to Discover Compliance. Using paper-based systems for your onboarding and compliance processes is a thing of yesterday, leaving tremendous risk in your business, as well as requiring an enormous “suck” on your time and efficiency. Even more sophisticated systems like digital record-based systems require a tremendous amount of time for management and updating, along with an exorbitant amount of effort to communicate to all the parties involved in a compliance process.

However, leveraging HRTech that incorporates artificial intelligence (AI), intelligent automation, chatbots, paperless forms, and more, gives HR professionals more of what they really want and need…and that’s TIME!


Quite simply, trying to maintain compliance on paper is inefficient, and a huge waste on productivity for everyone involved. If you haven’t already, it’s time to ditch the paper.

By leveraging technology, you can transition your company to a paperless company, saving your documents in cloud-based solutions. These digital documents are more secure than paper docs. They are easily accessible from everywhere, while maintaining the security needed to protect these vital documents.

During Zuri Baker’s first week on the job as HR operations director at GoDaddy,  she got an I-9 audit , and it was a mess. “We had I-9s everywhere. They were scattered across several different systems,” Baker says. By leveraging technology, you can make sure that your I-9s are not only stored properly for access, but that they are ALSO filled out correctly, potentially saving your company thousands of dollars in fines, and saving you massive headaches.


Most employees come on board to a company prepared to sign their name and fill out their social security number and birthday repeatedly, until their hand and brain go numb. For many years, this part of the process has become an accepted way of onboarding, and making sure that compliance issues are correctly managed from the beginning. With future trainings on things like sexual harassment or procedures, papers are printed and handed out for people to sign their acknowledgement of attending these trainings.

Yet again, the inefficiency in these methods is a drain on the time and resources of both employer and employee. Additionally, risk remains in this process, as documents can be lost, and content from these types of training can be disputed at a later date.

By leveraging technology, intelligent bots can push “content” to employees and employers, to make sure that documents and processes are being filled-out correctly, and on time. For example, a chatbot can communicate with a new employee, assuring that the employee has all the info they need, as well as communicating those needs back to the employer.

Trainings on sexual harassment, or safety in the workplace can be followed with a test to assure comprehension. The time spent in training online is time-stamped, and the acknowledgement of training, in addition to the test results, are secured within the system. This saves a tremendous amount of time and effort on behalf of HR and management, as well as assuring that time is maximized for the employee, along with providing them ongoing training. These actions, driven by intelligent automation, remove the risk from your business, and assure your compliance.


Leveraging technology in your compliance issues actually allows HR professionals to engage in the things that only humans can do, such as: leadership, vision-casting, personal development of individuals, and more. When you have the right process in place, efficiency goes up, risk goes down, compliance is met, and you put your company in a great position for consistency and growth.