6 Ways Cloud-Based Onboarding Can Transform HR

If you’re an HR professional who is tired of the constant cycle of recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and assuring training, only to turn around and have to restart the process time and again for the same position, maybe it’s time to evaluate the onboarding options for your new hires.

As technology continues to influence our society as a whole, the presence of intelligent automation, artificial intelligence, and cloud-based solutions are shaping the present and future of our businesses. These digital solutions provide systems and processes that bring efficiency, accuracy, and profitability.

The past in onboarding has consisted of mounds of paperwork, as new employees fill out their name, address, and social security number on countless sheets. After the paperwork is filled out, it’s then up to the HR manager to introduce the new employee, show them their office space, and make sure they have the physical objects they need to do their job (i.e. phone, computer, paper, pens, coffee, etc.). Of course, there are updates on progress and discussions as needed, however, the face of HR and onboarding has changed dramatically in the last several years.

Today, HR professionals, who have the ability to recruit, hire, train, get an employee to engage, and bring that same employee to full productivity, are in high demand. The scope of the job has grown tremendously, as the results of HR affect the overall culture and profitability of the company.

The power of technology and cloud-based solutions can greatly improve your onboarding process, bringing the engagement, productivity, and retention that is so important to today’s businesses.

Here are 6 ways cloud-based onboarding can transform HR:


Go paperless and manage every document and form in your cloud-based system. All data is retained in a secure database and always available when you need it. Save a tree, or a thousand, and go electronic!


An administrative dashboard provides instant notification of changes in status enabling quick navigation between onboarding employees. Easily track progress and detect individuals not completing tasks in a timely manner.


Build reports from any form’s data which can be exported to Excel or batch download forms in PDF format to use in other systems, audits, or other business processes.


Flexible grouping enables segmenting data by roles and responsibilities. Multiple levels of access provide a means to restrict access to sensitive data.


Employees are guided through the process to complete queued onboarding tasks, forms and documents. Discussion about tasks are linked to each item and can be recorded in the system or through email.


Leverage intelligent robots to automate common processes, interface with other systems, and enforce consistent business practices in your operations.

All of these processes, automated and managed through the power of artificial intelligence, bring efficiency, consistency, and compliance to your onboarding process. As a result, it allows you to unleash your people to provide the things that only humans can do related to empathy, communication, leadership and more.

After expending so much energy recruiting a candidate, don’t let the difficulties of onboarding become a barrier to producing revenue from your placements. Invest in technology that will foster a positive experience and create long-lasting value for your organization in the form of longer tenures, increased referrals, and both top and bottom line growth.