The Infamous Purple Squirrel

You’ve searched up and down the road for the right candidate. Then suddenly, like a lightning bolt from the heavens, you find the perfect one. The skies open and dollar bills fall to the ground like leaves that gather in mounds during a beautiful Fall afternoon in Maine. The candidate has all the qualities you want, and in fact, you’re convinced that this candidate can get the job done with no training at all. You look deeply, making sure that what you’re seeing is accurate…and more importantly, is REAL! You look closer, uncomfortably close, excited with anticipation, when you realize…it’s a Purple Squirrel.

If legend is correct, the Purple Squirrel is that elusive, perfect candidate. The one who will take you to the next level. The one who has all the qualities, traits, skills, and even interpersonal soft skills to be extraordinary. Finding a candidate with these over-specific requirements is as common as finding…well…a purple squirrel.

I have to confess: We were just minding our business, taking the stress out of the onboarding process for our clients. We were doing our part to make the world a better place by helping businesses recruit and retain top talent. We were moving along quite well when someone started talking about us. Ok, they didn’t know they were talking about us…but…but…they were describing who we are. They were asking around, inquiring if anyone had seen a particular set of qualities that would help HR professionals. And well…as we read through their description, we realized that they were describing everything that we offer. And then suddenly, we got to the end of their inquiry, and they stated that they were looking for…get this… “the infamous purple squirrel.”

We jumped back with a mixture of both excitement and terror! Was it possible? I mean, IS it possible? We slowly walked over to the mirror to catch a glimpse. Still shocked and in disbelief, we walked over to our monitor to check out our Xenqu, and with just a few clicks, we began to ask ourselves… “Are WE the infamous Purple Squirrel?” Oh, the potential perception of arrogance to label ourselves such a powerful, mythical creature. And yet, here it is, staring us in the face: We…just…might…be.

This inquiry had a long list of things that make up the Purple Squirrel, and we fulfill EVERY…SINGLE…FACET. But here’s where everything gets a little nuts. We offer even more than the list. Stop it! Somebody call the doctor! …or the vet?

I guess the only thing to do is to let you take a look for yourself to see if we are in fact…THE INFAMOUS PURPLE SQUIRREL! (Go back and read that with a movie-trailer voice)

Now the moment of truth…the big reveal! According to the inquiry, the infamous purple squirrel includes the following:

Software tools/applications to help manage the many facets of HR including:

  • Onboarding
  • I-9 Remote Verification
  • Background Checks
  • Benefits Administration – the go-to place for benefits info and administration – self-service tool – integrate with providers

You are ideally looking for:

  • Integration with Bullhorn and Paychex – with the goal of minimizing multiple database entries
  • Integration with benefit providers
  • Cloud-based
  • Maybe a bolt-on system where components can be added as needed
  • User/Mobile Friendly – easy for new hires to do paperwork via smartphone
  • Compliant – offers compliant solutions
  • Easy data manipulation/reporting
  • A solution that offers great customer support
  • Reasonably priced

If all of the above is what you’re looking for, then well… Hi! We’re your PURPLE SQUIRREL! Just a personal opinion here, but you would have to be NUTS not to give our Xenqu HR Software Solution a spin. It’s okay, get closer…look very close, and contact us today for a demo!

*no squirrels were harmed in the writing of this blog post