Webinar: Stay Ahead of the Competition and Build a Great Brand with Modern Onboarding Technology

In today’s competitive job market, keeping candidates engaged with your brand and moving through the hiring process quickly is imperative to ensure they start their position and generate revenue. As the workforce grows younger and more tech-savvy, candidates expect employers to offer a high-tech experience. Your investment in recruiting a candidate is jeopardized by sending them through a clunky, outdated onboarding process. A poor candidate experience will create the perfect opportunity for your competition to swoop in and lure the candidate away.

In this webinar, Ben Olson, the CEO and Founder of Essium, will review the importance of an effective onboarding process that today’s tech-savvy workforce expects. The webinar will also explore best-practices and technologies that deliver results and generate the highest return on investment.

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Learn how onboarding technology fits into your recruiting strategy, best practices, and how to measure success.