People who love Essium…

We have gained efficiency across the board, the integrations within Xenqu have created so much automation, in return it has dramatically reduced our administrative workload.

Deborah Levine, Senior Director of Administrative Operations, Madicorp

OMG absolutely Steller, such a great group of people. The team crushed it to get us live in 30 days, we had so much fun with the team during the implementation. The very first day with your implementation team, after the call my director of operations said, “that was like a first date that went really, really well! Essium is the absolute best onboarding solution in the market.

Melissa Hunter, Director of Operations, Queen Consulting Group

We have been very happy with Essium! The Essium team has been great, when we asked for something unforeseen the response has always been – hey no problem. The Essium team is super flexible and a pleasure to work with, looking forward to a long relationship.

Fred Jeffrey, CIO, Medpro

I-9 compliance is also a big risk for our business, and the software is one of the few on the market that mirrors the form I-9 exactly and adheres to E-Verify requirements.

Tracie Tyte, Sr. Compliance Manager, Modis