How to Leverage Technology to Enhance Competitiveness

Leveraging technology is a critical way to enhance competitiveness within the staffing industry. Along with streamlining workflows and supporting compliance, technology creates avenues for automation, harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI), and more. When it comes to choosing the right technologies, using a best-of-breed approach is often wise. By focusing on the genuine standout offerings in each niche – particularly those that integrate with one another – recruitment agencies get the best experience possible. If you aren’t sure which areas deserve your focus, here are four places to leverage technology to enhance competitiveness.


An applicant tracking system (ATS) is a fundamental part of a tech-forward hiring process. An ATS can monitor candidate applications, capture crucial data, identify matches to open positions, send out automated messages, and more. As a result, they’re highly effective at simplifying workflows by eliminating manual steps that the technology can then handle. When you’re choosing an ATS, it’s wise to focus on options designed with your industry in mind. Staffing firms have unique needs that aren’t present in many other sectors, so evaluate your options to ensure they can support the challenges recruitment agencies face. Integrated employee referral features, social media tools, and similar options are worth seeking out. Similarly, a streamlined data migration process makes the transition to the ATS easier, so consider making that a priority.

Background Checks

Background checks are a common requirement within most company hiring processes, but they’re often cumbersome to manage. Fortunately, with the right technology, faster screening is possible, allowing recruiters to get critical details about candidates’ criminal histories to support rapid hiring decisions. Additionally, background check technology can help ensure recruiters are complying with applicable laws. Through included checklists and similar features, the system can confirm that all permissions are collected in advance. Plus, many can integrate directly with ATS solutions, ensuring results are quickly connected to candidate files.


Payroll solutions need to be capable and accurate above all else. Staffing firms often place candidates in positions across multiple industries, which makes their operations more complex than those of a single company operating in one niche. Additionally, handling payroll more frequently – such as once per week – means recruitment agencies need solutions that can align with that demand. Simplicity and automation are also essential, as manually handling payroll at that scale and frequency is highly disruptive.


Offering a thorough onboarding experience that sets new hires up for success is essential. Along with boosting overall productivity and creating a supportive environment, onboarding improves new hire retention, reducing turnover during those critical first days, weeks, and months. With the right onboarding solutions, staffing firms can update and simplify workflows to streamline internal operations. Additionally, they can centralize key parts of the process, including document collection to ensure compliance, training tracking, communications with candidates, and more. In turn, efficiency at your staffing firm rises, giving recruiters additional time and energy to focus on tasks that genuinely require their attention.

Bottom Line

Ultimately, using the best possible solution for each technology area yields better results when compared to relying on less capable alternatives. Since onboarding is such a critical part of the employee success equation, selecting a modern, innovative solution is essential. Along with simplifying onboarding, it can streamline recordkeeping, progress tracking, communication, and compliance, all while giving recruiters more time to focus on activities that require the human touch. At Essium, we assist leading recruitment agencies that are aiming to bridge the talent gap and connect with top-tier candidates through improved onboarding efficiency, all while simplifying compliance. Our contemporary solutions are explicitly designed with the staffing industry in mind, giving recruitment firms the tools they need to provide a top-quality candidate and client experience, streamline workflows, and support compliance requirements. Schedule a consultation call with us today!