How The Right Technology Can Help Your Staffing Firms Safety Training Initiatives

With employee turnover costing as much as 25% of payroll annually, it’s no wonder more and more staffing firms are looking for ways to improve their safety programs as well as counter any losses. Improving these safety initiatives isn’t always easy, especially for small businesses that may not have an in-house HR department.

And with so many safety training initiatives required by law, it can be hard to comply and keep up with the latest OSHA regulations. Yet you don’t have to worry about this. You only need to integrate the right technology to achieve the necessary compliance.

Keep reading to learn how the right technology can improve your firm’s safety training initiatives.

Training Management and Tracking

Many staffing firms have already invested in training management systems to monitor and control their employees’ training and development. Yet a few of them have considered the implications of such systems on safety training.

The right technology can help your firm track the completion and certification of various safety training initiatives. With this technology, you’ll be able to monitor employees’ progress during the training while also ensuring its effectiveness.

An ideal solution should allow you to create a custom schedule for each class, add students and instructors, manage the bookings and cancellations, and have a calendar view of all upcoming classes.

Evaluation and Assessment

Technology can help your organization evaluate and assess the effectiveness of your safety training initiatives. You will be able to measure how well your current programs are working, identify areas of improvement, and develop new approaches for the same.

An evaluation can be as simple as asking employees questions about what they learned from the training sessions or as complicated as administering written tests on specific topics. Regardless of how you evaluate employee learning, it will ensure that their safety knowledge is fresh in their minds throughout their employment.

Automate Reports

You may already be using automated systems for payroll and other HR-related tasks — now it’s time to bring automation into your safety practices. By automating reports based on criteria such as accidents or violations, you’ll be able to identify trends and take action before they escalate.

Digital Training Modules

One of the biggest challenges when training employees on OSHA regulations is finding a way to make the program more engaging. Although they may have heard about these regulations before, they may still not understand them well enough to implement them. So it’s worth retraining them.

To get the best out of the training, use customizable digital training modules and allow your employees to learn at their own pace, whenever they choose.

Bottom Line

Whether it’s on-the-job training, equipment training, or any other type of safety training you’re organizing, Essium can help! We’ve got a solution to suit all kinds of businesses, no matter how large or small they may be. Contact us today if you need help implementing new safety initiatives or streamlining your current program.