How to Attract the Best Candidates Despite Healthcare Talent Shortages

The Great Resignation is hitting the healthcare industry especially hard, causing a shortage of talent. Healthcare recruiters are feeling the pressure to attract caregivers and healthcare candidates that meet client needs. This has led to more innovation and a shift in the way staffing companies are getting the attention of new candidates. Here are a few tips to help staffing firms find top talent that meets your client’s needs.

How to Attract the Best Candidates Despite Healthcare Talent Shortages

Create an Employer Brand That Attracts New Talent

As a staffing agency, it is important to establish your own employer brand. Make sure you are partnering with companies that have a positive reputation in the industry. You should also strive to create a brand on your own that attracts top talent to your agency to connect with the best names in the business. When you connect with new talent, make sure you maintain communication. Reach out when opportunities come up that meet their needs. This will help you gain a good reputation in the healthcare industry.

Put Yourself Where the Talent Is

Recruiters are looking for untraditional ways of discovering new talent in the healthcare industry. New healthcare talent is being discovered through social media, niche job boards, and networking groups. Consider advertising open positions through professional organizations with members in the healthcare industry. While you may not receive as many resumes from these more niche sources, the quality of the candidate you receive will be higher.

Build a Better Talent Pipeline

Staffing agencies have to look for new ways to build their talent pipelines. As a recruiter, if you come across a candidate you are particularly impressed with, connect with them. Get to know them and see how your relationship can mutually benefit each other. Ask them if it is okay to reach out when a position becomes available that matches their skills and expertise.

Seek Out Soft Skills in Candidates

Soft skills like good communication and problem-solving have become just as important as technical skills. Oftentimes, things can be taught on the job. Soft skills come more naturally to each individual person. Teaching good communication practices or critical thinking is much more difficult than training someone to use a computer system. To make it easier to expand your talent pipeline, identify candidates with soft skills that are useful in the healthcare industry. See if they have any interest in pursuing healthcare and move forward from there. Solid soft skills are a good starting point.

Create the Best Onboarding Experience Possible

Automating processes like paperwork, background checks, and other documents can help reduce the time-to-hire. Making it easier to get started will also help improve your candidate experience, which can help you attract new talent. Being more organized will also help the candidate be more motivated and feel more positive about the future of their position. This is because you will have given them everything they need to be successful in the position.

Get The Technology You Need For Better Onboarding

Essium’s onboarding technology can help your staffing firm create a better candidate experience. Request a consultation to learn more about how we can help you.