10 Tips to Help Staffing Firm Owners Get More Time In Their Day!

Your busy days keep getting busier. Demands are increasing and the job market is cut-throat right now. There probably seems like there isn’t enough time in the day. Staffing firm owners, you can use these tips for more of the time you do have.

How Staffing Firm Owners Can Get More Time In The Day

Take the Time to Plan

Planning is essential. The simple act of writing out a to-do list for the next day each night can make you more organized and help you better utilize your time. When you wake up, start with the largest task first.

Manage Regular Interruptions

Another way you can better manage your time is to keep interruptions to your workday under control. If you are working on something with a hard deadline, try to block out anything that might keep you from getting the job done. Close out of your email, silence your phone, and give your full attention to the task at hand.

Complete Quick Tasks First

If you have any tasks that will only take a few minutes, do those things first. Many people refer to this as the “two-minute rule.” So, if it will take two minutes or less, go ahead and take care of it.

Don’t Procrastinate

Procrastination will cost you time in the long run. Typically, you procrastinate doing things that you don’t really enjoy. It can be motivating to get things out of the way and lead you to be more productive.

Complete High-Value Tasks First

Consider the ROI, or return on investment, of each task you complete. Organize your to-do list in this way. Attack the tasks that will have the biggest impact first.

Set Realistic Goals and Expectations

Setting your sights on realistic goals and expectations will also prevent you from wasting time throughout the day. Some projects take longer than others. If you pile too much on your plate at once you’ll be more likely to procrastinate and get stressed out.

Always Arrive Early

If you truly want more from your day, arrive for your meetings early. Striving to be early will always provide you with a buffer for traffic or time to do some additional prep for your meeting. However, you won’t be able to give yourself this time buffer if you pack your schedule too full.

Know When to Multitask and When to Focus

Multitasking is great if you remain productive, but it can often slow you down. Certain projects need your undivided attention. You can get an idea of how you can better utilize your time by keeping a time log. This will allow you to see if bigger projects are being interrupted by your multitasking, causing them to take longer than usual.

Not Everything Needs to be Done

It’s okay to leave some things unfinished. Get rid of anything that isn’t essential to your business and goals. Some tasks really are just busy work.

Automate What You Can

Nowadays, there is new technology emerging on the market almost daily. Use it to your advantage by automating what you can. Certain onboarding tasks, maintaining compliance, and other tedious to-do items can be handled using technology. You’ll get the time you’d normally spend on those tasks on activities with a higher return on investment.

Get The Technology You Need To Save Time In Your Day

Work with Essuim to save time on manual onboarding and HR duties, such as filing paperwork and other easily-automated tasks. Request a consultation to learn more about our services and how our software can help your organization.