What is Virtual Recruitment and Why Should Your Staffing Firm Use It

Everything is virtual nowadays. COVID-19 greatly sped up the need for virtual recruitment strategies and technology. Much of how we interact with each other is done via digital means, including the hiring process. Staffing firms need to be set up with virtual recruitment strategies to be successful in the new remote world we live in. Here are some tips to help you set up a good virtual strategy for your firm.

What is Virtual Recruitment?

Virtual recruitment is exactly what it sounds like. It is the act of sourcing candidates for a company or job virtually. Much of the application process and even many of the interactions during the hiring process all happen remotely.

As a staffing firm, it is important to pinpoint virtual recruitment strategies that provide you with top talent for your network. It is the only thing that will help you maintain your competitive edge in today’s market. The key is to stick to the recruiting basics but alter them to fit into the new, digital world. Here are a few strategy ideas to start.

Host Virtual Open Houses and Job Fairs

Open houses and job fairs are fairly traditional recruiting strategies. However, you can make it even more accessible by hosting a virtual event. You can give candidates a chance to meet hiring managers or do a virtual “meet and greet” to let prospective applicants get to know more about the company. Give people a virtual tour of the office or host an online Q&A. All of these things are great ways to grab the attention of new talent.

Start the Hiring Process With a Quick Phone Interview

Hopping on a quick phone call can give you a lot of information about a candidate. After reviewing resumes and other hiring materials, you can take the screening process a step further with a quick phone interview. Then you can decide if you want to have a second conversation or a third.

Get More Comfortable With Video Interviews

Video interviews have essentially taken place of in-person interviews. In addition to the first phone interview and virtual interaction, be ready to schedule video chats too. Actually, video interviews give you a unique chance to get to know the candidate more personally. After all, you get to see them in their own environment.

Have Remote Onboarding Procedures Ready to Go

Remote onboarding is also a must, especially if you’re planning on having remote staff members. Have an onboarding welcome email ready to send out before their first day. Be sure to have all of their paperwork signed and completed. Then give them access to all the systems they need to perform their jobs.

Maintain Your Established Process

Once you have an established virtual recruitment strategy that works, maintain that process.

Need The Technology To Support Virtual Recruitment?

For your staffing firm to be successful, you need to utilize automation tools and other HR technology to help you recruit and onboard new employees. Essium’s software is built to help agencies with these tasks and more. Contact us to learn more about how working with us can assist your firm.