Relationship Building is the Key to Good Onboarding: 4 Tips to Improve the Human Side of HR

Staffing firms need to focus on the human side of human resources. Human resources involve a lot of relationship building. In today’s world, it is easy to get bogged down with time-consuming administrative tasks. Technology can help take some of those burdens off your plate.  The connections and relationships you build with others are some of the most important parts of HR. Here are a few tips to help build better relationships with your candidates during the onboarding process.

How to Get Back to the Human Side of HR

Clear Communication

Building good a relationship with candidates during the onboarding process is key to improving retention rates and increasing loyalty to your staffing firm. First, you need to be a clear communicator throughout the employee’s onboarding. This will help you avoid any misunderstandings, establish expectations immediately, and lead to increased productivity

Show Action

Make sure your words match the actions you take. The candidates you place want to see that the staffing firm they work for practices what it preaches. Ensure all of the language you use and promises you make during the onboarding process are followed through on. You want to be authentic in how you present yourself, especially during those first interactions.

Being authentic in the onboarding and placement process will help your candidates to be fully prepared for the job you place them in. This is great because then both your clients and candidates will be happy. The happier candidates are on the job, the more likely they will be to look for work with your staffing firm in the future.

Create Accountability

Create a sense of accountability during onboarding. A lot of creating a good, trustful relationship with your candidates is building rapport and accountability in your connection. To hold your candidates accountable, have metrics that will be tracked to gauge performance on the job. This will give your candidates a definite idea of the job they are placed in and what will be expected of them.

Overall, establishing a sense of accountability throughout onboarding and placement will help you avoid misunderstandings. Candidates will know exactly what objectives need to be met and what is expected to be done. It will lead to higher productivity and greater project success rates and happier candidate and clients.

Ask for Feedback

Ask for feedback after they begin their assignment and check in on an ongoing basis. Candidate feedback is priceless. Checking in with your candidates is essential to knowing how their assignment is going. It can help you ensure both the candidate and client are happy.

Make sure that when candidates come forward with feedback about the onboarding process or other concerns about their placement that you practice active listening. Don’t cut them off, talk over them, or rush them. Instead, truly focus on what they are saying and identify any actions you might need to pursue. You can also send out surveys or regular communication asking for feedback. It is still important to acknowledge each person’s input though.

Need More Time In The Day To Focus on Candidate Relationships! 

Building strong relationships and connections with your staff is key to the success of your organization. Work with Essium so you can focus on the human side of HR while our technology takes care of the rest.