Why Onboarding Paperwork Should Remain Virtual Even If Your Staffing Firm is Back in Office

Many staffing firms transitioned into virtual onboarding during the COVID-19 pandemic when their office staff was remote. However, many firms are returning back to the workplace now and trying to determine how it will impact their processes. In some cases, companies are transitioning their processes to adjust to working in-person again while still catering to their remote staff and remote candidates. When it comes to onboarding, paperwork and processes should remain virtual. Here are three of the benefits of maintaining a virtual onboarding process.

Three Benefits of a Virtual Onboarding

Stay Organized

Filing physical paperwork can get disorganized pretty quickly. Keeping a physical filing system can be confusing. It can make it hard to know if every candidate has filed the paperwork needed to move forward with employment. Many employers want fast results when filling a position, so waiting for missing paperwork to be filled out, scanned, and sent back can be a waste of time.

Speaking of time-to-hire, having a virtual onboarding paperwork system will also make it easier to sort through your available candidates. All of the digital paperwork will be located in the same place. Additional software, like what Essium has to offer, will allow you to know who has completed the necessary steps to move forward by simply opening a folder on your desktop.

Maintain Communication

You should maintain mobile communication where you can. Chances are, not all of your staff is returning back to the office. Many people have chosen to remain remote or even relocate during the pandemic. Maintaining virtual onboarding paperwork will make it easier for your recruiters who have chosen to stay at home to access incoming candidates. It will also help them add new talent to the pipeline.

That being said, identifying what works and what doesn’t in terms of mobile communication is key to success in the current climate. So, put time into how your staffing firm will communicate with one another when working out of the office. It will help everything stay on track, no matter where your staff is located. Implementing the use of technology like Essium’s Xenqu tech can help you keep track of communications.

Streamline Processes

At the end of the day, keeping your onboarding paperwork virtual will help you streamline your processes. When the paperwork is filled out digitally it can trigger a chain reaction of other onboarding items to be sent out. For instance, if candidate signs and returns their contract they can then be sent tax paperwork and benefits information. By implementing the right technology, you can automate every step of the process and not have to lift a finger during the paperwork stage. Essium’s Xenqu technology can help you streamline your onboarding processes. Tech can help you process paperwork and get everything your new employee needs to be successful on the job. 

Need Help Going Paperless?

If you are ready to go virtual with your onboarding paperwork, Essium’s technology can help you. Request a consultation to learn more about our tech and how it can make your staffing firm more competitive.