What Information Should Your Staffing Firm Should Collect In Prescreening and How Essium Can Help

As a staffing firm, it is part of your responsibility to screen incoming candidates before they are presented to your clients. You should include information about their work history, skills, qualifications, certifications, and other details. Here are a few things to be sure to collect in your staffing firm’s prescreening process.

Three Pieces of Information to Collect in Prescreenng

Review Resumes

The first thing is first. You will want to review the resumes of each candidate. This is the first step in deciding what jobs they might be a good fit for and determining what other information is needed. Search for key skills and experiences that correlate with the individual client’s needs. 

After this, you can move forward with a phone prescreening interview. While our technology can’t perform the phone call itself, it can help you gather contact information and reach out.

Confirm Qualifications

You will want to confirm each candidate’s qualifications. Ask for documentation where appropriate. Licensing, certifications, and assessments might be provided for certain positions. Know what the client requires and be sure the candidates you send to them meet those expectations.

With Essium’s technology, you can quickly gather qualification documentation when necessary. Once you have the information you need, we can then build a pipeline of available candidates that meet the client’s needs. Then you pick the top three to send over to the employer. Our tech can also help build skills checklists so that you can compare each applicant.

Professional History

Another thing staffing firms need to collect in prescreening is information about each candidate’s professional history. Get details about where they have worked in the past, the types of projects they’ve completed, and what they have accomplished in their career thus far. Prescreening is also a good time to collect and check references. Take the time to call or email the candidate’s references and get their response on file.

Once that information is collected and put into a system, it can be sorted through to find ideal candidates. Essium can help you sort through candidates with available references and relevant experience. Then you can review the narrowed-down list to pinpoint the candidates you want to present to the employer.

How Essium Can Help

 Essium’s technology can help by collecting the data you need from each candidate before passing them along to the client. Through it, you can gather any qualification documentation like assessments, certifications, licensing, and skills checklists. Our form technology allows you to send forms and training to candidates, collect their responses easily and track their progress.  Additionally, if you have multiple placements to fill, our software can help you build a pipeline of available candidates to schedule across multiple jobs. 

Whether the candidate is hired or not will also be traced by our system. All of the collected information will be sent back to your applicant tracking system. So, you can present them with other relevant work when it comes up and review their skills and experience. Essium can help automate and streamline every step of the way. Contact us to learn more about our staffing solution technology and how it can assist your firm.