Why Candidates Prefer Staffing Firms Who Utilize Mobile Onboarding

Candidate experience can make a huge difference in the type of talent you attract and retain. After all, this is often your first impression on potential candidates. So, it is important to do what you can to provide the best experience possible. In today’s market, mobilizing onboarding and other hiring processes can greatly improve your candidate experience. It makes things go faster and prioritizes the candidate. Furthermore, here is why candidates tend to prefer staffing firms that utilize mobile onboarding.

Four Reasons Candidates Prefer Staffing Firms Who Use Mobile Onboarding

Mobile First

Not only is mobile onboarding becoming more common, it is becoming necessary for many staffing firms. Top talent is typically looking for work on a mobile device. As the newest generation of candidates enters the job market, mobile recruiting and onboarding is a must. It may be the only way to reach younger candidates.

Conveys a Modern Brand Image

Mobilizing any part of your hiring process will help you convey a more modern brand image for your company. It shows that you have the knowledge and organization to utilize technology in your hiring process. Mobile onboarding will give the impression that you are a modern, tech-savvy company, making it easier to attract the attention of certain demographics.

Makes Onboarding Easier

Going digital with onboarding will just make things easier. That is the reason most businesses go mobile in the first place. It will take care of all the time-consuming human resources tasks, such as filling out tax paperwork and benefits forms, leaving you to focus on important training materials and work-related items. Best of all, mobile onboarding can be done before the employee’s first day on the job. So, you won’t lose any of their time filling out countless forms on the first day.

Streamlines Communication

When you go mobile with onboarding it streamlines communication, which is important to incoming candidates. They want to know what the next steps are and to be kept in the loop. Mobile onboarding makes it easy to communicate what you need from them and for candidates to provide feedback about the process. You can take their feedback to help improve the experience.

Faster Onboarding

Of course, when you have mobile onboarding, everything moves a little bit faster. You won’t have to wait for paperwork to process or signatures to be given. Instead, you can hop right into the important stuff. As mentioned above, in some cases, you can have the candidate complete mobile onboarding before their first day. So, you can get straight to showing them the ropes on the job instead of wasting time on signing papers for half the day.

More Engaging

Overall, having a mobile onboarding process is more engaging for candidates. In fact, mobile onboarding offers more opportunities for engagement that might be impossible otherwise. For instance, many companies utilize automatic communication that sends a text or email when a previous applicant matches a new job opening. This keeps you, as an employer, in touch with quality candidates and helps them stay engaged with your organization as well.

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